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I just finished watching the Hello! Chanpuru concert ♥ The new "Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH" is quite epic. It made me really sad that Erika won't be performing it again (because her voice owns that song), but really happy that Koharu is graduating (because she sucked __U). Maybe now Momo will get more lines? She's been ignored in ZYX since it began.

Also, the NEWS solo PV's are incredible! Tegoshi's "Ai Nante" almost made me cry. I've always had a soft spot for that song, and the Tego solo was really touching. Especially that scene when he shouts "Ai nante" while on the rain. Ryo's "code" was also really nice. Though maybe it's just because I like being able to watched the video translated *shot*. The lyrics are really beautiful~ "MOLA" had a nice background, but Yamapi sure wasn't feeling the vibe D=. It makes me sad to see him like that, when he used to look like he enjoyed performing so much. He also looks out of it in the Diamond Winter Party DVD...

I have a Spanish test tomorrow, but I fell asleep twice while reading my copybook *fails*. It' been happening a lot lately. Maybe it's just because we're a few weeks away from summer vacations? Surely that'll give me a lot of time to get some rest ^^.

On yesterday's Math test there was a question with a triangular prism. We were supposed to calculate its volume and height using the sine & cosine law. BUT THERE WEREN'T ANY NUMBERS! WTF? How were we supposed to get a numerical answer with no numerical values to base it on? That's why I hate that teacher __U. It seems he won't be considering it, though. He made us do some easy equation systems exercises today in exchange for erasing that question.

I learnt yesterday that driving classes started in Monday. I wanted to join that class, but my Dad never told me when they started x.x. I guess I'll just have to take them in Summer ^^U.
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One thing you most probably don't know about me (because I've never really told anyone) is that I really, really like NEWS. Their lyrics are just so... wonderful~ It's like they are translating my thoughts to song language, and it's amazing to listen to them with such beautiful voices ♥ Happy Birthday even made me wish it was my birthday just to hear someone say things as nice as those to me, and I hate my birthday with my whole soul.
That may be exactly the plan though, now that I think of it UXD. JE sure knows how to reach its target audience n_nU.
... Except for Chirarizumu. The performance on the pacific DVD was nice, but the lyrics scare me >.<.
On the same topic, I also love Seishun Amigo, Daite Señorita, Gomen ne Juliet and Yubiwa ♥ And Fever to Future has been having strange effects on my mood =D.
You'll never guess what all these have in common, right~?

Today, I was downloading NEWS (Spanish *FAIL*) subbed PVs and lives, and I found the (again, Spanish __U) subbed version of Yamapi's episode of Jounetsu Tairiku. And all I can say is: WOW!

Fangirly Pame is not fangirly... )

Also, pretty unrelated, but his new hair is really nice =3. It may look like a puddle, but it's the kind of hair that looks comfy and nice to the touch. Even if he fails on the disco dancing on Koi no ABO (Me is a proud, romantic leader~♥)

Back to reality now~ Wednesday it was Vale's birthday party. We spent the whole time talking, it was really great! There where many people I don't normally talk to, but they are really nice! We talked about everything, from Pokémon to our NY trip on June. I had a great time ♥. And most of them are in the classroom opposite mine, so I'll make sure to start talking to them from now on~!
Also, today I got chocolate~ ♥ This easter thing is pretty nice, even if I don't believe in it UXD. I still get to eat the delicious chocolate!
And tomorrow I go back to school ..U. I haven't had any classes since Tuesday, so its extra difficult to go back now. And I've got at least three tests per week until our May vacations, so it's gonna get pretty hectic now. But I'm enjoying every minute of IB, because its more fun for me (I like difficult things, tight schedules and not too much free time~), and because it's my decision and I'll stick with it to the end =).


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