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Just today I realised that The Sims 3 was released yesterday *shot*. I just wasted an entire day of non-Sims-playing goodness~! At least it's downloading now... But I'll most probably buy it when I see it being sold somewhere here. I've already bought most of The Sims and the base game and first expansion of The Sims 2, so I might as well buy The Sims 3~
*is absolutely not obsessed*
It says it'll take like 3 years to finish, though. So slow~ ;-;

Anyway, I've just finished my commentary on The Metamorphosis for tomorrow's Spanish class. We chose a fragment where the Samsa family is working very hard, but still being bitches to Gregor >.>.
Also, we finished recording the first part of our Columbine video for English, and tomorrow we'll shoot all the killing scenes~ And, as we needed Felipe to record and his classes ended at 3, we asked our Physhics teacher if we could go out then so he wouldn't have to wait. We finished 15 minutes before we had to go home n_nU.
And we really should have handed it in last Tuesday =D. I guess being in IB gives you the benefit of being able to move some completely useless projects, or maybe it's because only two groups handed their videos in time ^^U
I also had to walk home today. I really like walking home, but today my bag was really full of things x.x. My shoulder still hurts, and my leg has a bruise where my bag hit it while I walked.

I should've studied for Promis' test on Friday, as we were told that we had to learn the first and second questionaires instead of just the second. But I took much time in walking home, feeling my legs again, running and having dinnner, and then went straight to my Spanish's commentary. Guess I'll have to take both questionaires to class tomorrow and read when we aren't doing anything (like in Homeroom XD).


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