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First things first:
I'm really, really happy that he won the elections. It restored my faith in Chilean people, at least 51% of them knows what they're doing =)

Also, Layton Kyouju to Saigo no Jikan Ryokou was AWESOME!!! I... kind of missed most of the story *sucks at reading Japanese*, but from what I got from the videos and the voiced-over scenes, the plot is fantastic ♥ Also, I'll never get over the ending, never.

Yesterday I went to buy mangas with Tsory-chama and Davod. Then we went to Gatsby to drink some juice (because it's been really hot here these last days x.x). We spent most of the day talking about the Pikaflash forums and all the drama there used to be on the Ojamajo Doremi subforum. Ahh~ those were the days <3. And then we walked back home and watched some Nostalgia Critic videos. The Batman & Robin one had us laughing for a good while. Next week Tsory said she'd be meeting up with her artist!friend, and she'd call me so we could go out again~
Also, I remembered why Tsory-chama and I get along so well: it's not with anybody that you can spend 30 minutes squealing over TaixSora this many years after Digimon Adventure ended (well, her and Vale, but we spent way~ more than half an hour on that one UXD).

On Monday I went to [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha's house, along with Felipe, and we watched Nine... It's pretty bad, but in a "so bad its good" way. And Felipe played Crawling in My Skin on his iPod every time there was an emo moment (which happened far too many times) and we all burst out laughing. Also, Vale made muffins, and they were great! =3 I really missed having little get-outs like these, one of the bad points about summer vacations ^^U. I'd say we need to get together more often, but Felipe is going to Brasil pretty soon, so we probably won't __U.

And last Monday (I know, I keep forgetting to post UXD) I met up with [livejournal.com profile] ripio. We had lunch at Burger King and the went to Portal Lyon, Eurocentro and that somewhat!hidden Chinese mall in the Centre. And we bought some really cute handbags~ Mine is white with some blue and ultramarine colored flowers =D. On our way back to my house we bought some Coke, and a guy scolded us for "drinking Coke so early". We were all "...WTF?!" and laughed all the way back. So, as a public service announcement: Thou shall not drink Coke before 5pm. Be sure to remember that!
And then we spent the rest of the evening watching Korean PVs. It's all part of [livejournal.com profile] ripio's master plan to convert me to Kpop *clings to Jpop*.

And I baked a cake~! On Sunday, when my Mum had to be counting votes for the elections and we were alone with my brother. It ended up really~ well, considering it was the first time I tried to bake one by myself. While I was mixing the ingredients my Grandmother came to visit, and she was all nervous because we have an electric oven, and she didn't know how to use it. I said it was really easy... probably, and she got even worse UXD. I was all "See? This one is for the temperature, this one I don't know, and this one for the time. Once I figure what the middle one does I'm all set! =D"

day 09 → a photo you took (because I don't really want to do all the ones I missed now ._.)
I'm not really good at taking photos. In fact, I think the last one I took was of our Christmas tree last year, and I don't really have it here...


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