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I'd have to say the title is shared between Vale and Felipe <3 Even if I haven't known them for a long time, we got along really well since the very beginning. With Vale it's really freaky, because we're too similar, we've gotten to the conclusion we were sisters in another life UXD. They have been by my side in the worst of times, and I know I can count on them for anything~ I really wouldn't change them for the world. Love you both, Nee-san and Nii-san ♥
Also, I hope they feel the same way about me =D or else...

Himaruya-sensei drew a new picture for the World Cup~ Holland is really nice! I'm already a fan of him, and he doesn't even have a personality yet *shot*. Also, yay for Chile getting into a good group (we're with Spain, Switzerland and Honduras). If we beat Honduras and Switzerland we might have a chance to get to the next round~

I've spent all this week sewing a plushie for Vale~ that I should have finished back in April *curses school*. I'm still trying to finish the body, but I think it's going pretty neat for now. The only problem is that I'm alergic to plushie fabric, so I'm having a hard time with that x.x. And now I've got to finish my CV if I still want to drop it in Starbucks by tomorrow ^^
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I think this is probably obvious, but I'd sell my soul to watch Queen live with Freddy ♥♥♥ Going to a Michael Jackson concert would be nice, too =D

This last week has been pretty hectic. On Tuesday everything was going smoothly, but my stomach started hurting before I went to sleep. I ended up sleeping from 5 to 6, after I had thrown up for an hour x.x. Needless to say, school was really nice~ UXD. I ended up sleeping all day at the infirmary because I refused to leave before I'd done my Physics test, which was on the last period *shot*. Btw, a big, big~ thank you to Vale, Yosy and Marti for visiting me while I was sleeping <3 Sorry for worrying you all! Then I went home and slept the rest of the day.

Thursday was the 4th Medios lunch. Seeing as I had already paid, I had to go even if I felt bad. Thankfully I was a lot better and didn't have any problem going =D. We had a great time~! And I even messed up with the present-giving UXD. Afterwards I was supposed to go to Starbucks with Vale, but she left early __U. And then I was invited to Kiku's house to watch a movie, but my Mum wouldn't let me go >.>

Today I studied a bit for my Biology test (the last one~ <3) on Tuesday, then went to buy some sweets for tomorrow's breakfast, and now I'm ripping songs out of the last AKB48 concert XD. Yukirin was marvellous in Kuroi Tenshi, much better than Acchan even ♥. Though all the shuffles were really nice~

And now, something I stole from [livejournal.com profile] staytogether42~
Celebrity Look-a-likes~ )
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I'm quite torn on this one. I'd love to adress it to my family in general, seeing as that would solve quite a few problems, assuming it works UXD.
But, mostly, I'd like to adress it to myself. Get it through your thick head that you're a free person, you bloody idiot! D= Sometimes it's not necesary to please everyone with your actions, and you should remember it more often!

Today we went to Pau's house to finish our Biology project. Obviously, we didn't UXD. We did work a lot, but it's still not ready yet. In the end, we were all bored with Biology and ended up dancing to Michael Jackson's hits~ Now that every radio/tv channel/newspaper is talking about him, it's quite easy to get addicted to his songs =D.

Also, I learnt today that my Maths teacher whom I profussely dislke is in hospital. So, that means I don't get to see him~ I probably won't have that Maths test on Wednesday. That just leaves Biology and Spanish before vacations *dances*

Also, I think I need to have a conversation with Felipe someday soon-ish D=
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Queen - Don't Stop Me Now ♥
I think this is completely obvious, but still~ This song has always been an important one for me, and I think it fits me pretty nicely. If, for some strange reason, you have not heard it, it's about going on with life by not letting anyone stop you in the way.
Or at least that's how I see it n_nU

Yesterday we had to open a pig's kidney in Biology =D. It was really fun~ It was soft and a bit wet, but hard if you tried to squeeze it. Sad part is, we have to hand in a report about what we saw, and that makes 2 reports and 5 tests for next week. IB sure makes us busy! =)

And today there was a talk about a new program at the UC (the university I want to get into), about having people from 10th & 11th grade have classes at the university to see how the careers really are. Now that I won't be going to NY, I might as well have fun with this~!. I'll talk it over with my Dad, but I'd be going to the "Health's Sciences" and "Arts" classes. Mum almost had a heart attack when I mentioned Arts n_nU, but it's got some really fun classes. And Health's Sciences is for deciding if I really want to study Medicine when I get out of school.

Chemistry test tomorrow __U. We haven't had enough classes to actually go through the content, but I'll still do my best!! And we're supposed to go to Mokka and Starbucks after school, but I don't know if we will. We really need to go, as we promised we would have a good time to cheer Vale up.

Well, now to study for that Chemistry test. And I should also answer some more questions from Promis' questionaire, that way I can focus on Biology's report for Monday.


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