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Weekend again~ <3 Even if I have a lot of things to do for next week, it's always nice to spend a Saturday listening to Vocaloid music, reading Hetalia fanfic and having a good time with my little brother <3 I wonder why people think I've got a life?.
My Dad came here today and gave us Morochas (chocolate cookies) =D Personally, I've been kinda obsessed with scones lately, but it'd been a long time since I ate Morochas anyway~

My brother has become obsessed with Inazuma Eleven. I don't really like it, except for Ichinose, because he is adorable <3 (and we call him the IncrediblyHetero!Guy, internal joke UXD). But that means I get to ramdoly hear Berryz songs on TV, and that makes me incredibly happy ♥ (though S/mileage is getting better now =D).

I've spent the better part of these last two weeks solving Math's worksheets to study for PSU __U. It gets kinda boring at times, but my scores went up in the last test (720 & 735 out of 850), so I guess it pays off in the end. The next one is on Thursday, and the other is on my birthday (lucky me >.>), so I've got to give it my best!
There was also a Science & HIstory mock test last Thursday. And afterward there was a big group of us talking in front of 4thF's class when [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha arrived and we were all "GTFO away, you History freak, we're the Science kids =D" UXDD. It was awesome~! I really love how we can bond over such little things as what test we want to do =).

Also, I'm sewing two America and England plushies and a sheep!shaped case for my iPod <3. I'll post photos when they are ready! At least the case is turning out quite nicely ^^
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I just finished watching the Hello! Chanpuru concert ♥ The new "Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH" is quite epic. It made me really sad that Erika won't be performing it again (because her voice owns that song), but really happy that Koharu is graduating (because she sucked __U). Maybe now Momo will get more lines? She's been ignored in ZYX since it began.

Also, the NEWS solo PV's are incredible! Tegoshi's "Ai Nante" almost made me cry. I've always had a soft spot for that song, and the Tego solo was really touching. Especially that scene when he shouts "Ai nante" while on the rain. Ryo's "code" was also really nice. Though maybe it's just because I like being able to watched the video translated *shot*. The lyrics are really beautiful~ "MOLA" had a nice background, but Yamapi sure wasn't feeling the vibe D=. It makes me sad to see him like that, when he used to look like he enjoyed performing so much. He also looks out of it in the Diamond Winter Party DVD...

I have a Spanish test tomorrow, but I fell asleep twice while reading my copybook *fails*. It' been happening a lot lately. Maybe it's just because we're a few weeks away from summer vacations? Surely that'll give me a lot of time to get some rest ^^.

On yesterday's Math test there was a question with a triangular prism. We were supposed to calculate its volume and height using the sine & cosine law. BUT THERE WEREN'T ANY NUMBERS! WTF? How were we supposed to get a numerical answer with no numerical values to base it on? That's why I hate that teacher __U. It seems he won't be considering it, though. He made us do some easy equation systems exercises today in exchange for erasing that question.

I learnt yesterday that driving classes started in Monday. I wanted to join that class, but my Dad never told me when they started x.x. I guess I'll just have to take them in Summer ^^U.
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I just finished putting NEWS' discography on my iPod =D Sometimes I forget how much I love these guys ♥ I've been listening to SNOW EXPRESS and Happy Birthday all day~! Also, I listened to Tegomass' album, and there's some really great songs there ^^

I bought a nice little book about modern history. It's the one our XXI Century History teacher uses for some of our classes. I was looking at the index the other day in classes, and Vale told me I looked as if I were reading a romance novel instead of a History book. I happily told her they were almost the same thing for me now UXDD. Hetalia does wonders for your view on life~ And also for History tests, which I didn't remember anything for because we'd been moving it since May~

Things haven't really been all that well here. It seems between my two best friends and I there's always at least one of us with a problem ^^U. Maybe that's why we get along so well UXD. This last week I've been feeling pretty down, and by Wednesday that was giving me headaches and stuff @.@. Though things seems to be getting better now. I'll just have to keep doing my best~! *Monkey Dance~*
School has been going wonderfully~ Except that I got a 5.5 in the Biology project I handed in back in May, and it's all because I was too sleepy to notice some pretty idiotic mistakes *shot*. I just hope that mark stays there and doesn't get lower because of the mistakes x.x.

I've got 3 and a half weeks left 'til vacations, and four 'til my birthday. I guess I'll be doing something with my friends that day, even though most of them will be out of the country for that week ;-;, It happens almost every year UXD. Still, I prefer staying here for the spring vacations, it makes no sense to me to spend September 18th outside the country __U. Chile would be disappointed D=. At least until Vale and I put our ebil plan into action.

I should really try to update more often, I always forget what I want to write here UXD *fail*
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I'm quite torn on this one. I'd love to adress it to my family in general, seeing as that would solve quite a few problems, assuming it works UXD.
But, mostly, I'd like to adress it to myself. Get it through your thick head that you're a free person, you bloody idiot! D= Sometimes it's not necesary to please everyone with your actions, and you should remember it more often!

Today we went to Pau's house to finish our Biology project. Obviously, we didn't UXD. We did work a lot, but it's still not ready yet. In the end, we were all bored with Biology and ended up dancing to Michael Jackson's hits~ Now that every radio/tv channel/newspaper is talking about him, it's quite easy to get addicted to his songs =D.

Also, I learnt today that my Maths teacher whom I profussely dislke is in hospital. So, that means I don't get to see him~ I probably won't have that Maths test on Wednesday. That just leaves Biology and Spanish before vacations *dances*

Also, I think I need to have a conversation with Felipe someday soon-ish D=
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A bit better now~ UXD

I'll start working on my Biology project after this. Actually, we have to hand it in on Friday (last day of school~), but we'll (Naty, Pau, Yossy, Montes? and I) be getting together tomorrow to make the last changes. Which means I'll actually have to finish it now, as tomorrow I'll have this IDUC laboratory thingy (which I don't want to go to, but my dad isn't going to let me miss it >.>) and I won't have time to.
So, obviously, I'm here doing friending memes and checking Hetalia fics __U.

Today in school we got a review of WWII (all the war in just one class D=, though our new teacher skipped most of it, but there's always the essay~). And I couldn't stop laughing through all of it. She was kinda surprised I new most of the beginning of the war UXD. Actually, I was going "Hetalia~! UXD" in my mind the whole class. Guess anime can be really good for school, too.
Speaking of school, I've got two tests, teh ebil Biology project and five days left before vacations. It's really nice, 'cause I won't have anything to do for two weeks, but I've been having a great time at school these last days. And I don't want to be two whole weeks in my house (no matter which house it is >.>) without a daily excuse to go out ;-;.
Guess I'll have to get a different thing to do each day, then. __U I know I've got three days covered up, now I've just got to think of something for the other 12 *shot*.

It seems Youtube is deleting a lot of Hetalia MADs D= I haven't checked if my favorites are still up, but when I get bored with Biology (which probably won't be anytime soon =D) I'll go and save the best ones~.

Also, LOOK AT THIS~! He's going Auuu~ for that whole chapter. HE MUST BE A NAZI SOVIET ROBOT SHEEP JUST LIKE ME! *shot* Ok, that was today's inner joke.

Lastly, Saa! has been stuck in my head for days now~ It was wonderful for getting rid of Oishii Tomato no Uta in my head ^^U. And the USxUK MAD of it is really touching. I almost cried watching it last night, if only for the translation. I just felt it really suited my mood right now UXD.
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Nope, I've not just surrendered to the AWESOME that is Oishii Tomato no Uta =D
Hetalia: 173784579766 My sanity: 0

So, I'm staying at my dad's house for the time being, as my Mum is sick and doesn't want me getting sick too (oh, and my brother too, but he's already sick *fail*). For some strange reason ( = I can't really sleep here) I woke up on time, dressed up on time, went to download the Italy Character CD again and had time to eat breakfast before going to school. And I even got there early~!
And half my class was missing, because we had a test on Perfume: The Story of a Murderer today, and almost nobody had read the book. So we spent the Homeroom hour telling the whole book to the part of the class that was there. And the test wasn't really specific, so we all did pretty well on it =3

And then on History our teacher was on a meeting with the Headmistress. So we, being IB students and completely responsible, tied some scarves together and began jumping the rope XD. And when our teacher5 came in we made him jump too, and he was really good at it~! There's supposed to be a video somewhere on Facebook, but the page just won't load now >.<.

After that I spent the whole afternoon watching Hetalia MADs on Youtube and NicoNico. Or reading Hetalia fanfics. At least I read the Transgenesis info at school today, so I'm not so lost on that. I've got to write a draft for the Biology project for Saturday, the Biology report for Tuesday, the History report for Tuesday, the Spanish comment for Tuesday and the TOK essay for Wednesday *shoots self*.

Now... a meme~! Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] hotfruits.
Five Words Meme~ )

Also, WTF? I know it's kinda... not really important, but I was utterly shocked when my dad told me 5 minutes ago. I went all "There's nothing sacred in this world anymore D=", to which my dad said "Nothing is sacred in the world since Freddie died D=". I LOLed really hard at that UXD.
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Just today I realised that The Sims 3 was released yesterday *shot*. I just wasted an entire day of non-Sims-playing goodness~! At least it's downloading now... But I'll most probably buy it when I see it being sold somewhere here. I've already bought most of The Sims and the base game and first expansion of The Sims 2, so I might as well buy The Sims 3~
*is absolutely not obsessed*
It says it'll take like 3 years to finish, though. So slow~ ;-;

Anyway, I've just finished my commentary on The Metamorphosis for tomorrow's Spanish class. We chose a fragment where the Samsa family is working very hard, but still being bitches to Gregor >.>.
Also, we finished recording the first part of our Columbine video for English, and tomorrow we'll shoot all the killing scenes~ And, as we needed Felipe to record and his classes ended at 3, we asked our Physhics teacher if we could go out then so he wouldn't have to wait. We finished 15 minutes before we had to go home n_nU.
And we really should have handed it in last Tuesday =D. I guess being in IB gives you the benefit of being able to move some completely useless projects, or maybe it's because only two groups handed their videos in time ^^U
I also had to walk home today. I really like walking home, but today my bag was really full of things x.x. My shoulder still hurts, and my leg has a bruise where my bag hit it while I walked.

I should've studied for Promis' test on Friday, as we were told that we had to learn the first and second questionaires instead of just the second. But I took much time in walking home, feeling my legs again, running and having dinnner, and then went straight to my Spanish's commentary. Guess I'll have to take both questionaires to class tomorrow and read when we aren't doing anything (like in Homeroom XD).
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Yousei-san, AHAHAHAHA~!
Because it's gonna be the most epic Hetalia Character CD ever~!
BTW, does anyone know the code for the sparkling and rainbow-like big letters? *is noobish*

So, I promptly did almost nothing in my whole~ vacations __U. As in, I finished Promis' essay, read The Metamorphosis, and typed up my song for Music. Which is... nothing compared to what I wanted to do *shot*. And I went with Felipe and Vale to drink juice at Mokka and then buy coffee at Starbucks~ And bought new clothes on Wednesday with my dad... And that's about it, really. And I spent my whole time lurking at the [livejournal.com profile] hetalia comm, and searching for VOCALOID videos. World is Mine = ♥~

I got an average 6.9 (out of 7) this term, so I guess I don't have to be so worked up about school this new term (<- I'll forget that one as soon as tests start...). And I really think I'll be acing all History-related subjects because, well... Hetalia~ I'll never look at a History book the same way again. I was trying to finish Promis' essay and it said something about Italians surrendering and running away, and I couldn't help but picture Feliciano running away with a white flag XD. The Metamorphosis was really sad, and I kinda understood Samsa's pain. Must be really bad being treated like that by your family that you've spent your whole life working hard for >.>. And I still can't finish my song for Music. There kinda are lyrics trying to make themselves heard, but I can't figure them out. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be starting school again, just a month and a half more and I'll be on vacations again~

Completely unrelated, but Berryz Koubou's Seishun Bus Guide is AWESOME! And the PV is pretty cheap, but still wins~ Still obsessed with Hajimete no Keiken, don't really like Shouganai Yume Oibito and Kanna-less ºC-ute is win, even if their last songs are crappy =D And the MiniMoni revival thingy sound good too, just... please Tsunku choose the right people.

I... kinda need to make a new layout for this LJ. I wanted to make a YUI one, then a ManoEri one, and now I'm thinking of a Hetalia one UXD. Guess when I finish translating Hajimete no Keiken (which means, when I actually START translating it~) I'll decide which one I'll make =D. And I'd also like to try a new style for it. Using Generator always gives nice results, but I'd like to try new styles.
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First of all, welcome [livejournal.com profile] enai and [livejournal.com profile] staytogether42!! ♥ I know I've not been stalking your entries enough, but I'll give my best at it from now on~! =D

This last two weeks have been horrible x.x. Every teacher just realized they needed more marks before vacations, so they gave us a big~ mountain of work. I had 9 marks just last week, between reports and tests. And I spent all weekend working on the last project: a Biology web-page about the Urinary System and Homeostasis. I WAS UP 'TIL 4:30AM FINISHING IT ;-;. So I've been incredibly sleepy and speaking nonsense (more than normal UXD) all day. In fact, I'll be going to sleep as soon as I post this *dies*
Still, I love being on MSN at 3am with every person in both my class and 3ºF, when everyone is saying we're screwed and we're never gonna finish. Collective hysteria is pretty fun~

Apart from that, things have been going on really nicely. I've been talking to a lot of people at school, and I'm becomig quite close with some of them. I'm really shy, so this is a big improvemente for me =).
I also went to IDUC classes last Friday. Our class was about Chemistry and its specializations. The teacher was pretty nice, but her class only confirmed that I won't ever study Chemistry. It just... not interesting enough as a career choice for me. I'll still have to pass it to become a Doctor, but I really like Chemistry as a class. Also, one of the girls we met there was heavily filrting with one of my friends, and he was really creeped out XD. She even went "That's really nice! =D" when he told her he wasn't dating anyone (he kinda is, but not really UXD).
I watched the subbed BuriMyu Bankai Live Show Code 002 on Sunday (while resting from Biology __). It's so much funnier when you know what's going on!! Ichigo's reaction to Rukia being in Mou Hitotsu no Chijou were hilarious! Also, I've become adicted to Mano Erina's "Hajimete no Keiken" ♥. I downloaded it two days ago and now its my most played song on iTunes =D. I'll really try translating it now I have free time again.

Tomorrow is my last day of school, and then... VACATIONS!!! *-* I've never been so happy to have vacations in my life, even if it means seeing less of my friends. It gives me half a week for relaxing, and a whole week for finishing all the homerwork due next term *cries*.

And now... Meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] psychedelicesRead more... )
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Supposedly, I was going to post every day, or so I told myself. Well, I'll manage it someday *sweats*

It's been a pretty hectic week x.x I've got a Chemistry test tomorrow, along with a questionnaire for Promis that I handed in on Monday ^^ I've also been most of the afternoon working on both Biology and Chilean History, and I'm doing kinda good at both for now~
Speaking of what, today I said something stupid in Chilean History that the rest of my class found pretty funny:

Teacher: If you have three red pens and you add a black marker, how many pens do you have now?
Class: 4!
Me: Three and a black marker
Class: UXD

And then he added a black pen instead, just to shut me up UXDDD

Tomorrow will be my first class at IDUC~ Natalia and Santiago will be going too, so I'm really relaxed now. Getting to a university to meet new people kinda scares me. I better get over that before I actually go to university n_nU.

Also, LOLWUT? It's the first time in my life I'm not overjoyed about PE classes being suspended for the day. It's just so natural for me to go out early on Fridays that I don't even notice it's not supposed to be that way *fails*.

the livejournal friending meme
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One thing you most probably don't know about me (because I've never really told anyone) is that I really, really like NEWS. Their lyrics are just so... wonderful~ It's like they are translating my thoughts to song language, and it's amazing to listen to them with such beautiful voices ♥ Happy Birthday even made me wish it was my birthday just to hear someone say things as nice as those to me, and I hate my birthday with my whole soul.
That may be exactly the plan though, now that I think of it UXD. JE sure knows how to reach its target audience n_nU.
... Except for Chirarizumu. The performance on the pacific DVD was nice, but the lyrics scare me >.<.
On the same topic, I also love Seishun Amigo, Daite Señorita, Gomen ne Juliet and Yubiwa ♥ And Fever to Future has been having strange effects on my mood =D.
You'll never guess what all these have in common, right~?

Today, I was downloading NEWS (Spanish *FAIL*) subbed PVs and lives, and I found the (again, Spanish __U) subbed version of Yamapi's episode of Jounetsu Tairiku. And all I can say is: WOW!

Fangirly Pame is not fangirly... )

Also, pretty unrelated, but his new hair is really nice =3. It may look like a puddle, but it's the kind of hair that looks comfy and nice to the touch. Even if he fails on the disco dancing on Koi no ABO (Me is a proud, romantic leader~♥)

Back to reality now~ Wednesday it was Vale's birthday party. We spent the whole time talking, it was really great! There where many people I don't normally talk to, but they are really nice! We talked about everything, from Pokémon to our NY trip on June. I had a great time ♥. And most of them are in the classroom opposite mine, so I'll make sure to start talking to them from now on~!
Also, today I got chocolate~ ♥ This easter thing is pretty nice, even if I don't believe in it UXD. I still get to eat the delicious chocolate!
And tomorrow I go back to school ..U. I haven't had any classes since Tuesday, so its extra difficult to go back now. And I've got at least three tests per week until our May vacations, so it's gonna get pretty hectic now. But I'm enjoying every minute of IB, because its more fun for me (I like difficult things, tight schedules and not too much free time~), and because it's my decision and I'll stick with it to the end =).
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First week of school is over, yay~

There are 36 students in my class alone. And to think last year they moved you to IB as punishment, and now everyone wants to be there UXD. Actually, no one is trully happy with their class, but they won't accept any changes 'til April __U.

Most of my classes are really nice ^-^. Except for Man and Society, which made me sleepy ten minutes in __U. And Monday is a bitch, I've got seven classes in nine hours. My poor bag won't live much longer UXD. But I leave early on Thursdays and Fridays, because I haven't got P.E. classes this year *-*.

My class is really nice ^-^. Most of my friends are there~ But some will move to 3ºA, and some are thinking of moving to 3ºF. 3ºE FTW, though. Though teachers are fed up with us, they only want half the class to move back to the normal plan, they say we're way too many people for an IB class.
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This is officially my last night of summer vacations __U. I'll wake up by 6 tomorrow to go back to school *cries*. At least now I know which class I'm in, and it wasn't thanks to my school ¬¬.

I'll be in 3ªE this year, that means I'll officially have been every year in the same class. That has been a dream of mine ever since... third grade? I think n_nU

I've been really obsessed with THE IDOLM@STER lately. Yukiho ♥ I've been listening to Valentine ono repeat all day long, and also Yukiho's version of My Best Friend and Agent Yoru wo Yuku (REM@STER-A). I also wil be watching IDOLM@STER Xenoglossia soon =D. I'd love~ to play the game, but I don't have a Xbox360 nor a PSP =(.

Also, there's a new AKB48 concert out today. I saw the shuffles for KinjiFuta and Oshibe Meshibe, and they are really nice. Yuki did an excelent work on KinjiFuta ♥
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So, post Nº 001~! *claps*

I'm currently waiting for my school to update its stupid website so I may know wich class I'll be in this year, again __U. I saw an entry just like this one, but two years ago *laugh*. Now I'll be going to 11th grade, and our clases were all mixed up again, depending if you're taking the IB exam or not. But classes will begin on March 2nd, and they still haven't uploaded the lists *sigh*. Guess I'll have to wiat 'till next week.

Speaking about that, I'm doing drawings on all of my copybooks' covers~. There weren't any copybooks I liked, so I decided to 'pimp' them myself UXD. I'll post some pictures when I finish, but the first one is going pretty neatly.

I came back from La Serena last Monday. I stayed in a pretty cool house with my dad, my brother and Vale. It was really fun, and I got to drink lots of orange-banana juices =). I bought a cute ring that has a dolphin on it. I love dolphins ♥. And both Vale and I got a necklace with a heart that says 'He who holds the key can unlock my heart'. Obviously, it also comes with a mini-key ^-^. Still, I havent got anyone to give the key to, but there was one in every shop we went to, so I ended buying one anyways UXD. We later discovered that Vale was alergic to hers, so now I'm kinda afraid to use mine *is alergic to many~ things*.

And, to finish, a meme I stole from someone's Facebook: Music meme~ )
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I don't really like that song, but... oh well.

So, this first weeks of school have been... quite busy ..U I've got two tests, a project and a giant homework for this week ;-;. But I've been having a great time, anyway. I can see my friends again, and I met [livejournal.com profile] homeless_chan *-*. And also, some of my teachers are really funny! (and others make me sleep through my favourite subject *coughenglishcough*). For example, my History teacher is wonderful! Yesterday, we were in classes and a classmate said "Chile is ugly O.o" and we all stood speechless. But he looked at him and said "And you? But you don't hear Chile complaining!" XDD It was hiliarous! (<-sp?).

Well, but overall, this has been a great year so far! (although it only began 3 weeks ago n_nU).

On some non-school things, I finished watching MiniMoni's Brementown Musicians this morning! *-* It was wonderful!!! (though I cried at the end of every story n_nU). Also, I'm downloading the Shirogumi, Akagumi and Koharu-chan concerts now, so I should be able to watch them... next Saturday? Maybe...

(Now school ends at 15:45, and I have 'till 19:00 to finish all my school work, so I don't have many time to watch the concerts n_nU)
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Well, my classes start this Wednesday ¬¬. The only good thing about this is that I will be able to see my friends again *-*. But I won't be able to be on SnM chats anymore T-T.

Speaking of SnM, I have to record Koko ni Iruzee!, TOP!, Hare Ame Nochi Suki, DANCE! Ojamajo, Watashi no Tsubasa, Robokiss and SEXY SNOW between today and tomorrow. If I don't, I'll have to do them with my crappy microphone that just works with solo songs --U.

About the vacations, they were great! Sooo many funny things happened, but I can't remember all the details now n_nU.

Also, new layout! Yay~! It's NAYUKI!! *-*

PS: Yay~ Two more songs to go (and then I can think of a mini album)
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Ok, my brother has been watching Viewtiful Joe (so that means I've been watching it too) and I've got that song stuck in my head the whole day (along with "And you"). Really good songs considering the anime itself isn't so good.

So... My hair!! TT-TT My mum cut it yesterday, and now it's almost half of what it was yesterday (literaly), though it feels a lot... lighter. And it was really long (or so says everyone who sees me).

And I'm really pissed off. How can my f****** school NOT have the lists, but instead tell me my classes begin on 28th February? That's not fair!! And, most schools here won't have classes 'till the second week of March, yet we start on February. Why??!!
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So this is the last day of the year. Yay?

Yesterday was my 8th grade graduation party! (yes, it's THAT important here --U), and it was hands down THE BEST day of my life. Actually, the best NIGHT of my life, the day was crap ¬¬.
The party started at 9pm and finished at 2am. That is five hours, five hours of DANCING LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! No, really. We danced, shouted, almost fell to the ground a few times (and I saw a well too! *-*), and then swore at the owners of the place we were in because the party ended so early. I wanted to be there 'till 4am!
The idiotic part was that our parents were outside the room waiting for us to go out, and we just wanted to keep on dancing XD. So, they started taking photos through the window. I swear Benny's brother took at least twenty photos of us dancing ..U

So... as I was saying, the last day of the year. So, I have to make the traditional balance of the year. Yay?

Well... This year was the best year of my life or one of the worsts, depending on how you look at it. On one hand, my parents got divorced (though I'm pretty happy with that) and I had to move... half a block nearer my ex-school (that was stupid ¬¬). The bad part would be that I'm changing to another school building next year, and I can only be with four of my classmates --U. On the other hand, school! This year was a WONDERFUL year for me regarding school. I did get the prize I wanted, but, actually, I don't mind that much now. But this year I met some wonderful friends like Benny and Ruloh, and I got to now people muuuuch better, like Enrico, Dina and Susanna. So, to me, this was an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL year. I hope next year will be as good as this one was, at least with the school part.

So, supposedly I'll be in the same class as Petra, Kurt, Benny and Ruloh next year. I just hope we'll all actually end in the same class! (PS: Don't you love the idiotic nicknames? XD)

Melancholy? A bit. But it can't be helped, right?

Ahh... meme! (What? I had to do something to distract myself n_nU). I found this one on Google (yes, I have nothing better to do)
So, here! )
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So, yesterday was my school's 8th grade ceremony *-*. I must say the ceremony itself was f*cking BORING! I didn't know that idiotic teacher could talk so much! @.@ (glad I saw her falling down the stage on the school's musical XD). After that the awards and then some guys from 5th-6th-7th grade were singing. DON'T KILL THE MUSIC! That was surelly horrible X.x, we were laughing the whole thing XD. After that we went for our marks and we talked, and talked, and... yeah, talked.
It was so funny! Dina, Benny and I were talking, and then we realised we were the last three people in the stadium UXD.

So... the important part (for me n_nU)
Final average: 6.9
ALMOST PERFECT! (7 is the best here).
So, I won the best average of my class, and the best average in English. Actually, I later found I had the best average in Spanish too. *-*

So, that means... Mission acomplished!

After that we went to an Italian restaurant, and my parents couldn't stop quarreling, it was horrible --U. And today in the morning my mom was still angry ¬¬.

Well, apart from that, MOST MARVELOUS DAY IN MY LIFE! Is "marvelous" written like that? O.o

So, today I'll go to my dad's house. That means more Kanon! I get to eat! *-* (it's not like I don't eat here, but the difference is astonishing). And, I can do more icons! *-*

Well, that's it. Bye~!
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So, today's Thursday! (everyne knows that n_nU).
I'm heading to the stadium for my ceremony now. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! *¬*
Ok, enough for now.
Really, what a lame post! I'm just waiting for my iPod to copy my Morning Musume songs n_nU.
Thanks to everyone at Sekai no Melody for the MM songs! (when I'm... not this nervous I'll make a thank you post on the forum)
So... ehh... Bye bye~!

PD: Most typos I've ever had in my life @.@

PD2: I'm part of the ROD staff! *¬*


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