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So, first week of University! It was actually much more interesting and easy than I had given it credit for. So I guess I spent too much time worrying for nothing UXD. Also, we first years get to have Fridays free, so it's even more relaxed than school ♥

We had a meeting the day before classes started. Nico (a second year) showed us around the campus, and then made as go back and fetch the Student Council's logos that were scattered around as a contest. We made a team of 20 people and won~ *coughanditwasobviouslynotbecausemyteamcheatedcough*. Turns out those 20 became BFFs and we made a group called "La Masa Crítica" (The Critical Mass UXDD), and we do all sort of crazy things together. We laugh loudly in the middle of class, we talk non-stop, sing on the Tube every time we have to change campus (and we even got some money once =D), formed a Bio-glee club, have deep and meaningful conversations, and then again not. Half the teachers hate us, and the others find us funny as hell XD. Students from every career know about us, even if we haven't even talked to them. It seems we have made quite a name for ourselves already and we're just one week in. But you know what? When it comes to actually studying, we seem to be the only ones who actually know what to do and aren't having problems with the different subjects (because, really, they are exactly the same things we've been learning these last 4 YEARS!). It's such a brilliant group of people, and I couldn't be happier ♥

I also joined a new RP. [livejournal.com profile] yukuecamp! Any JE fans out there? The storyline is really interesting, so you should definitely check it out~!

Now, for the grand finale... It's peanut butter meme time~! Stealing from [livejournal.com profile] shineofastar~

DAY 1: 10 things about you )

Of course, this was the happy post. You'll be getting a Japan Earthquake related post in a few minutes.
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Welcome to all my new friends from the Hetalia Friending Meme! =D I guess I should do a little introduction... My name's Pamela, I'm 17 years old and currently in 4th Medio (12th grade). I'm a high school student here in Chile, trying to get into Biochemistry next year. Ehhh... I'm also a perfectionist at heart, a procrastinator that makes up for it with hard work, completely crazy, just a little bit OCD, good at listening and giving advice, and very happy to have added you all <3

Yesterday I met up with my Dad at 11:00, because I had to go Downtown to take some photos for a school project (that was supposed to be in groups, but that's another story altogether...). We were finished by 17:00, but we walked all those hours taking photos of different historical places x.x. Some of them were quite nice, like the Alambra Palace (too bad it was falling apart after the earthquake __U). And I even got a photo of the YMCA building, and went all "Would they mind if I started dancing here? =D", but Dad didn't let me >.>.
And we even went out of town to find a pucará, but it was closed to the public *sniff*.

I'm supposed to be typing up our Biology report for the IB project, but I really don't want to do anything school-related today. Thankfully, I haven't got any tests 'til Tuesday, so I don't really have to work right now...

Also! I'm applying for this new Gaku!Heta RP. I have America reserved, I just have to finish the application now~


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