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I'm quite torn on this one. I'd love to adress it to my family in general, seeing as that would solve quite a few problems, assuming it works UXD.
But, mostly, I'd like to adress it to myself. Get it through your thick head that you're a free person, you bloody idiot! D= Sometimes it's not necesary to please everyone with your actions, and you should remember it more often!

Today we went to Pau's house to finish our Biology project. Obviously, we didn't UXD. We did work a lot, but it's still not ready yet. In the end, we were all bored with Biology and ended up dancing to Michael Jackson's hits~ Now that every radio/tv channel/newspaper is talking about him, it's quite easy to get addicted to his songs =D.

Also, I learnt today that my Maths teacher whom I profussely dislke is in hospital. So, that means I don't get to see him~ I probably won't have that Maths test on Wednesday. That just leaves Biology and Spanish before vacations *dances*

Also, I think I need to have a conversation with Felipe someday soon-ish D=
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Nope, I've not just surrendered to the AWESOME that is Oishii Tomato no Uta =D
Hetalia: 173784579766 My sanity: 0

So, I'm staying at my dad's house for the time being, as my Mum is sick and doesn't want me getting sick too (oh, and my brother too, but he's already sick *fail*). For some strange reason ( = I can't really sleep here) I woke up on time, dressed up on time, went to download the Italy Character CD again and had time to eat breakfast before going to school. And I even got there early~!
And half my class was missing, because we had a test on Perfume: The Story of a Murderer today, and almost nobody had read the book. So we spent the Homeroom hour telling the whole book to the part of the class that was there. And the test wasn't really specific, so we all did pretty well on it =3

And then on History our teacher was on a meeting with the Headmistress. So we, being IB students and completely responsible, tied some scarves together and began jumping the rope XD. And when our teacher5 came in we made him jump too, and he was really good at it~! There's supposed to be a video somewhere on Facebook, but the page just won't load now >.<.

After that I spent the whole afternoon watching Hetalia MADs on Youtube and NicoNico. Or reading Hetalia fanfics. At least I read the Transgenesis info at school today, so I'm not so lost on that. I've got to write a draft for the Biology project for Saturday, the Biology report for Tuesday, the History report for Tuesday, the Spanish comment for Tuesday and the TOK essay for Wednesday *shoots self*.

Now... a meme~! Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] hotfruits.
Five Words Meme~ )

Also, WTF? I know it's kinda... not really important, but I was utterly shocked when my dad told me 5 minutes ago. I went all "There's nothing sacred in this world anymore D=", to which my dad said "Nothing is sacred in the world since Freddie died D=". I LOLed really hard at that UXD.


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