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First of all:
Did you Alfred-ians have a good day today? =D All the things I've heard about the 4th of July make it sound like a really fun holiday! Anyone wants to tell me how it went? ^^

I finally saw Toy Story 3 today! It was completely marvelous ;-;. I was happily crying my heart out by the end of it. It was the perfect ending for such a beautiful story, and I really liked Andy in this new version. Also, Woody will forever be my favourite character, his determination and wits were incredible as always! When we went out my brother said "Aww, that was a nice story", and I was all "WTH? That's not a story, that's my life!". Andy was event he same age as me and everything! D=.
Then we went to buy some things my brother has to take to school tomorrow, and I bought a little embroidery kit with instructions =D. I've always wanted to learn how to embroider, no matter how girly that sounds ^^U.

Also, the Hetalia dub preview is finally out!. It sounds great! Thankfully, all the voices suit the characters well, even if ti's strange hearing Russia using a deep voice UXD. With all the comments before I was really scared for who it'd turn out, but now I know my money has been well spent n_n

I just finished my Oral Presentation for the IB *dances*. It's about the influence of Mass Media on the UK's languages (yes, I couldn't find something more abstract and complicated UXD). I just hope it doesn't turn out so bad x.x. I've done fairly good with my essay on the Battle of Britain for Individual and Society, so I hope I do well on this one too!

Hetalia Meme coming tomorrow, because I still have to study for tomorrow's Physics test __U.
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WHY, USA, WHY???? TT-TT First Chile lost the match yesterday, and now you lost yours. But I got to watch it with my Dad, and we were both screaming at the computer screen because TV sucks and didn't show it the whole time XDD.
At least Chile got into the knockout stage~! Yatta~ But we're going to face Brazil on Monday (which is a holiday here, btw) so we have to do our very best to make it to the next round!
And England is going against Germany tomorrow. So... GO ENGLAND!!!!!! If not, I'll lose the bet and have to cut my hair x.x.

The Lyrical Gala went perfectly~! Well, not exactly perfectly as many people were really nervous and forgot parts of their poems, and Nico just stopped right in the middle and said "Oh, I can't do this >.>" before going down the stage __U. But, overall, it was incredible. And, upon arriving, I was ambushed by the musical director (a guy I don't speak to) and told I had to carry the English flag in the final number, so I was all "FUCK YES *-*". That made my day UXD. Actually, it was because I was the only one who said an English poem ("How do I Love Thee" by Elizabeth Barret Browning), and both Nacho and Arriagada had American ones ^^U. It was really beautiful, and we got some juice and cookies for it the next day and they were even within the expiration date this time.

I also got the results for the last PSU mock test! 776 in Spanish and 710 in Maths, both out of 850. I did, like, 100 points better than last time! So I went all day singing "I'm not gonna get killed~ I'm not gonna get killed~". That got me a few nasty looks __U. And then our Maths teacher was lecturing us for the bad results and saying how the two people who'd got over 700 points were always working and paying attention to him. Funny thing was both of us were drawing and listening to the Brazil-Portugal match on the radio UXD.

I made some cookies for my Dad for Father's Day, but I was talking to my Mum while I waited for them to be finished and I forgot about them. When I got back to the kitchen, I'd burnt 12 of them, and then my Mum broke another 2 UXD. But the other ones turned out great!

Now, meme time~! One from [livejournal.com profile] jojibear, and one form [livejournal.com profile] thelastfruit.
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