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OMG, OMG~!!! We're going to the Mim on Thursday~!!!! Have I ever mentioned one of my childhood dreams is to go there? (I think Felipe and I are the only ones on my class that have never been there before --U). AND~ We're going as a school trip, so that means I'll have a great time~ (though I'd like to see my brother going around there n_nU).

Also, no classes this Friday. I really don't know how to feel about that. I mean, no classes ;-;. But if there had been classes, I'd have a Maths test and an oral report for Spanish. I think I'll talk about MoMusu for that one (just so I can see everyone going all "WTF? ._.").

And I'm enjoying my french classes at school. Also, I'd like to request... does anyone know some good french songs or artists? I've only heard "T'en va pas" and "Le petit jardin", and I'd really like to hear more things and improve my pronunciation and everything. So, every suggestion is welcome n_n.

That's it~
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So, Sekai no Melody's first release is here! "Memories of Audition Gen2 volume" has the songs we sang for the audition so I hope I won't sound like that in future releases, and it's actually the first time I'll hear everyones voices. I'm so excited~!
Anyway, if any of you wants to download it, you can do so at Sekai no Melody's official webpage!. I sing the first track "Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite", Nagato Yuki's character song from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. Enjoy~!

In other news, yeah the guy died. I think more problems will arrise here from now on --U.

PD: Nayuki icons up at [livejournal.com profile] sweet_negai!
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Well, this post is only to talk about music! (how dumb --U)
Well, yesterday I listened to Saikyou Pare Parade from SHnY, and also listened to the Character Song 4 (Tsuruya-san) & 5 (Asakura Ryouko). All the songs were really good. I especially liked COOL EDITION, it reminded me of Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite. But... Tsuruya-san should NEVER have gotten a slow song, and I repeat, NEVER! She should have gotten more nyoro~n-y songs! Also, both versions of Hare Hare Yukai were really good (though Ryouko's was a bit scary ..U).

Also, I listened to Baragoku Otome (and saw the video too n_n), the Rozen Maiden Overture OP single. It's a really nice song, specially the chorus!, but I still like Kinjirareta Asobi or Seishoujo Ryouiki o.o

Ehhmm... and that's it, I think. I have to finish the Nayuki icons for [livejournal.com profile] 10variations

EDIT: Kanon 10 is WONDERFUL! And everyone should see it! (despite how I hate Makoto at the beggining, I always end up liking her in the end ;-;)


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