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I... Just sent my inscription for the Anime Festival Classic karaoke D=
I don't know how to feel at that UXD. I kinda hope I don't make it, because AF is more professional-like than the Cosplay Party I last sang in. So nervous~ >.>

I want to go as GakuHeta!Hungary, but I'd have to start working on the costume right now D=. That means, buying the fabric when my Dad and brother return from running >.>

Today my little brother had a class trip, but my Dad was too lazy and didn't want to take him there __U. Also, I wanted to go to the Centre to buy some plushie felt to make an America (♥) plushie, but he fell asleep. And when I got mad about it, he got mad because he thought I was talking about going to Starbucks (wth? ._.). So~ I've been sitting here doing nothing since 7:30am XD. Way~ to ruin my day __U. He'll have to take me on Monday then...
At least I've had all day to finish watching Nanoha StrikerS (which I started back in... May, yeah *IB'd*) <3

BTW, yay [livejournal.com profile] ripio~ <3 Now I can stalk you again =D
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Note to self: I need a VOCALOID icon D=

So, on Saturday we (Cote, Kichi, Neko, Inga, Gala, Marti, Vale and I) went to the Halloween Cosplay Party. Cote wa spart of the VOCALOID team, and got to cosplay as Rin. She looked so cute~! We had a really great time there~ There were many cosplay teams, and they each had to do a small presentation. The Hetalia team did a world conference to solve the financial crisis. It was priceless to see all the ones who've never watched Hetalia all lost and confused, and the one who have ROFLTAO UXDDD. Alfred's entrance and Tino's not-appearance were the best =D.

I... somehow ended signing up for the karaoke contest D=. Ii sang Melt by Hatsune Miku ♥ After I finished the host came out and started rambling about how I was using a karaoke, so I was really hitting the high notes, it made me really nervous for some reason .///. There's even a video somewhere on Facebook UXDD. It doesn't sound as good, because acoustic was horrible up there and I couldn't listen very well x.x
Then we went with Vale to buy some pins (I ended up buying two Hetalia ones ♥) when a guy approached me and told me he'd really liked my singing, and that it was a shame I hadn't won. He even gave me a Miku keychain and asked me for my MSN. He seemed really nice and friendly, and it made me really happy that he liked my voice enough to actually speak to me =D.

Yesterday we went with Loki to the cinema to watch "This Is It"~ It was so bloody great!!! D= Now I'll be forever sad that, even if MJ were still alive, I'd never gotten to go to the concert. The special effects were superb, and the dancing and singing were the best I've ever seen. My only problem was when a giant spider came on screen for Thriller, and I was practically shouting. I hate spider, especially giant ones ;-;

I'm supposed to be finishing my "El Burlador de Sevilla" commentary for tomorrow, so I'll just leave it at that~


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