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Stupid Physics test, exercises 2 & 3 were impossible to solve ;-;. And I had only 15 minutes left to solve them >.>. I could, in the end, but I'm nowhere near sure they're actually right...

Tomorrow is the first match of the semifinals for the World Cup~!! *bzzzzzzzzzzz* And we are... not allowed to watch it at school! *cries*. So my class, being the completely reasonable IB class that we are, has decided to all run away from school tomorrow at 1:30pm to watch the match =D (it starts at 2:30pm here), and on Wednesday too for the Germany v/s Spain match UXD. Oh, how do I love thee, class~ <3.
Some people actually wanted to skip classes altogether, but we were all "Hey no, there's a brain dissection in Biology tomorrow D=". We Biology IB kids get to do some really fun stuff, but then we've got to make reports on them __U.

I spent 6 hours at school today drawing one of my OCs with Pokemon!themed clothes. Those were the 6 best hours of my day ^^.

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God, today's match had em on edge the whole time! Also, we were watching it in the schoolyard, and it was really cold and our projector didn't have audio, and when we tried to move somewhere else we were scolded ;-;. But we got to watch it in the end. I was shouting all the game~! Many of my friends passed by me and were all "You're not usually like this D=" and I said "Oh, it's just the match. Tomorrow I'l-- WHO WAS THAT BALL FOR, FUCKER?" It was awesome UXD. And we won too~! Now, we have to win or tie with Spain and we're in for the next round ♥ Also, the referee was paid, I tell you.
Portugal really surprised me. I mean, 7-0? Wow =D. But they still have to lose to Brazil on the next match or there'll be problems for Chile later D=.

I spent to hours of my life shouting, and then remembered I have to say a poem for tomorrow's Lyrical Gala *fail*. Miss Iris is sooo going to kill me now __U.
I went with [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha and my Dad to buy some things, as he went to pick me up to school today. Both my Mum and my brother are really sick, so they're staying in bed for a few days. Maybe they'll even send me with my Dad for the week D= *sniff*

Oh, and, yesterday, I baked a Lemon Pie and some cookies <3 It was my first time trying out both recipes, and they turned out really great! Also, we had agreat time with my brother drawing things on the cookies and claiming them for ourselves XD. I got to eat one with a swastika in the morning and I was really happy~ (please don't kill me for that one ;-;).I have a photo of the Pie somewhere, but I'll save it for tomorrow or I'll get scolded.
Also, I'll be doing [livejournal.com profile] jojibear's meme~! *ish late*


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