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Congratulations Spain!. Even though I wanted Netherlands to win and avenge Germany, and both of the teams played horribly (I mean, not even we had that many yellow cards D=), you still deserved to win. Even if my History teacher (who is from Spain) will be making fun of us until Brazil 2014 UXDDD.
GERMANY YOU MADE IT~! <3 That match was WUNDERBAR brilliant~ Much better than the Finals for sure ^^U. I was a bit sorry for Uruguay too. I mean, they were the only South Americans left, but the best team had to win in the end <3
And Paul correctly predicted both matches' results! Way to go, Paul~ Also go listen to the Paul the Octopus song!. Like, right now!

Got another mock PSU test tomorrow __U. At least classes will end at 13:30 *dances*. I've been really fed up with school lately, and I don't even know why D=. I mean, must be because of the stupid PSU thing, but that one won't go away until the real test in December __U.
On Tuesday we had to open a cow's brain. It was the best~!!! =D Half our class was all grossed out, and the rest of us were all "Brain~ =D". And then the lights went out and we ran away to watch the Netherlands-Uruguay match and our Music teacher found out and was really mad UXD. He'll kill us on Thursday...

Hetalia dub = BLOODY BRILLIANT. The dub voices are turning out wonderful~ The Russia-France clip was hilarious, and Japan's Engrish was adorable <3. It turns out my money has been well spent after all n_n.

Also, Erepyon will be graduating from AKB48 ;-;. She's my second favourite member after Yukirin, so I'm really sad to see her go. But she's going to study abroad, so I wish her the very best! =D

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First of all:
Did you Alfred-ians have a good day today? =D All the things I've heard about the 4th of July make it sound like a really fun holiday! Anyone wants to tell me how it went? ^^

I finally saw Toy Story 3 today! It was completely marvelous ;-;. I was happily crying my heart out by the end of it. It was the perfect ending for such a beautiful story, and I really liked Andy in this new version. Also, Woody will forever be my favourite character, his determination and wits were incredible as always! When we went out my brother said "Aww, that was a nice story", and I was all "WTH? That's not a story, that's my life!". Andy was event he same age as me and everything! D=.
Then we went to buy some things my brother has to take to school tomorrow, and I bought a little embroidery kit with instructions =D. I've always wanted to learn how to embroider, no matter how girly that sounds ^^U.

Also, the Hetalia dub preview is finally out!. It sounds great! Thankfully, all the voices suit the characters well, even if ti's strange hearing Russia using a deep voice UXD. With all the comments before I was really scared for who it'd turn out, but now I know my money has been well spent n_n

I just finished my Oral Presentation for the IB *dances*. It's about the influence of Mass Media on the UK's languages (yes, I couldn't find something more abstract and complicated UXD). I just hope it doesn't turn out so bad x.x. I've done fairly good with my essay on the Battle of Britain for Individual and Society, so I hope I do well on this one too!

Hetalia Meme coming tomorrow, because I still have to study for tomorrow's Physics test __U.
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Ok, I want to start with this: WTF?!!! (link NSFW, by the way). Rinatin? You have always been my Oshimen, even when you left. Not even Yukirin could quite reach that rank. But know... I don't know what to do. I want you to do your best, surely, but I can't really support you on this one...
Btw, the Majisuka Gakuen version of Kinjirareta Futari is pure gold <3. The end, especially, poor Daruma UXDD

World Cup, World Cup... Why do you mess with my heart like this? First the USA, then England, the Chile, then Japan and Portugal. Every team I was rooting for is officially out D=. Surprisingly, I was not so mad about England, who was my favourite to actually WIN the Cup, as I am about Chile and the USA. It's because they're almost the same in my mind: we were both teams know for not being too good at football, who somehow made it to the Cup and were expected to lose on the first round, but who played really well and got to reach the knockout stage. I'm really sad we had to leave so early, but it's great experience for both teams! We'll surely do even better in Brazil 2014, you just wait and see!

In the end, I had to cut my hair because of the bet ^^U. I asked my Mum to cut it, as Monday was a Holiday and every hairdresser was closed. I think it turned out pretty nicely, and I really liked, but on side ended up being slightly shorter than the other and my Mum thinks it looks strange. Well, many other people do, actually. But I'm absolutely thrilled about it, so that's not a problem =D.
Yesterday, we were told that Promis, our old Individual and Society teacher, had died D=. He had prostate cancer and it evolved into bone cancer. We were given today's afternoon off to go to his funeral, but I decided it was best if I didn't go. I mean, I liked him and everything, but we only had three months of classes with him, and there were ex-students going who've known him their whole life. I felt I really didn't have authority to actually show up...

Yesterday we also had the Catholic University of Chile talk at school ♥ Even though I'm an atheist, and it has an obligatory religious course *shot*, it's the best university of the country and the one I want to get into =D. I'd been waiting for it for a long time, so I was really happy I actually got to listen to it~. I really liked everything about it, so I'll try my best to get into Biochemistry, then also into English Language and Literature~!

New Lyrical Gala is on Friday, apparently, and everyone from 4th Medio will be attending. This one is really the last one, so we'll all do our best!

Now~ Hetalia Meme!
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God, today's match had em on edge the whole time! Also, we were watching it in the schoolyard, and it was really cold and our projector didn't have audio, and when we tried to move somewhere else we were scolded ;-;. But we got to watch it in the end. I was shouting all the game~! Many of my friends passed by me and were all "You're not usually like this D=" and I said "Oh, it's just the match. Tomorrow I'l-- WHO WAS THAT BALL FOR, FUCKER?" It was awesome UXD. And we won too~! Now, we have to win or tie with Spain and we're in for the next round ♥ Also, the referee was paid, I tell you.
Portugal really surprised me. I mean, 7-0? Wow =D. But they still have to lose to Brazil on the next match or there'll be problems for Chile later D=.

I spent to hours of my life shouting, and then remembered I have to say a poem for tomorrow's Lyrical Gala *fail*. Miss Iris is sooo going to kill me now __U.
I went with [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha and my Dad to buy some things, as he went to pick me up to school today. Both my Mum and my brother are really sick, so they're staying in bed for a few days. Maybe they'll even send me with my Dad for the week D= *sniff*

Oh, and, yesterday, I baked a Lemon Pie and some cookies <3 It was my first time trying out both recipes, and they turned out really great! Also, we had agreat time with my brother drawing things on the cookies and claiming them for ourselves XD. I got to eat one with a swastika in the morning and I was really happy~ (please don't kill me for that one ;-;).I have a photo of the Pie somewhere, but I'll save it for tomorrow or I'll get scolded.
Also, I'll be doing [livejournal.com profile] jojibear's meme~! *ish late*
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Today's match? IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! I was rooting for England, but I'm soooo happy that it ended in a tie! Good Work, Alfred and Arthur! <3 Now both of them might make it to the next round~
Of course, I'm rooting for Chile all the way! This Wednesday's match is going to be so epic ♥♥♥
The three of you, let's do our very best!

It feels kinda weird being this interested in the World Cup. I mean, I've at least listened to all the matches up to now (except Korea v/s Greece, I was sleeping for that one). My school gave us the option to get to school later because of the Chile v/s Honduras match, so I'm watching it at school with, like, three more girls and all the boys in our level, and everyone else is sleeping 'til late UXD.

Ingrid's birthday party was supposed to be today, but I ended staying home. Things home have been pretty awful this last week, and I'm not really in the mood for a party x.x. I know a lot of people have been asking me to go, so I'm really sorry! D=
I really want to go out, though... Maybe go to Eurocentro with my friends or try out that new Maid Café I've been dying to visit. Something to take my head off of my house ^^U

Also, I swear I'll actually start commenting on entries. After the earthquake I lost my will for social communication, but it really is time to get over that XDD.

Also, Yuko actually beat Acchan in the AKB48 Senbatsu Election! I was really sad about it, especially when Acchan started saying how she hadn't been good enough as the face os AKB48. I could relate to her so well that it made it even sadder ;-;. Ganbatte, Acchan~!


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