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Weekend again~ <3 Even if I have a lot of things to do for next week, it's always nice to spend a Saturday listening to Vocaloid music, reading Hetalia fanfic and having a good time with my little brother <3 I wonder why people think I've got a life?.
My Dad came here today and gave us Morochas (chocolate cookies) =D Personally, I've been kinda obsessed with scones lately, but it'd been a long time since I ate Morochas anyway~

My brother has become obsessed with Inazuma Eleven. I don't really like it, except for Ichinose, because he is adorable <3 (and we call him the IncrediblyHetero!Guy, internal joke UXD). But that means I get to ramdoly hear Berryz songs on TV, and that makes me incredibly happy ♥ (though S/mileage is getting better now =D).

I've spent the better part of these last two weeks solving Math's worksheets to study for PSU __U. It gets kinda boring at times, but my scores went up in the last test (720 & 735 out of 850), so I guess it pays off in the end. The next one is on Thursday, and the other is on my birthday (lucky me >.>), so I've got to give it my best!
There was also a Science & HIstory mock test last Thursday. And afterward there was a big group of us talking in front of 4thF's class when [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha arrived and we were all "GTFO away, you History freak, we're the Science kids =D" UXDD. It was awesome~! I really love how we can bond over such little things as what test we want to do =).

Also, I'm sewing two America and England plushies and a sheep!shaped case for my iPod <3. I'll post photos when they are ready! At least the case is turning out quite nicely ^^
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I'd have to say the title is shared between Vale and Felipe <3 Even if I haven't known them for a long time, we got along really well since the very beginning. With Vale it's really freaky, because we're too similar, we've gotten to the conclusion we were sisters in another life UXD. They have been by my side in the worst of times, and I know I can count on them for anything~ I really wouldn't change them for the world. Love you both, Nee-san and Nii-san ♥
Also, I hope they feel the same way about me =D or else...

Himaruya-sensei drew a new picture for the World Cup~ Holland is really nice! I'm already a fan of him, and he doesn't even have a personality yet *shot*. Also, yay for Chile getting into a good group (we're with Spain, Switzerland and Honduras). If we beat Honduras and Switzerland we might have a chance to get to the next round~

I've spent all this week sewing a plushie for Vale~ that I should have finished back in April *curses school*. I'm still trying to finish the body, but I think it's going pretty neat for now. The only problem is that I'm alergic to plushie fabric, so I'm having a hard time with that x.x. And now I've got to finish my CV if I still want to drop it in Starbucks by tomorrow ^^


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