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So! New Year Resolutions! Ehmm...
01.- I'll try my very best to become a bit more open with people, because they deserve it ♥
02.- I'll study really hard for the PSU so I can get my Japanese classes
03.- I'll keep losing weight!
04.- I'll keep being horribly obsessed with Hetalia
05.- I'll finally cosplay~!
06.- And finally, I'll finish at least one piece of writing (because I've procrastinated on that one for years x.x)

New Year's was really nice~! I spent it with my Mum, brother, grandma and uncle at my grandma's house. You can see all the fireworks in the city from the rooftop there =D. Though they wanted to finish drinking the champagne before going up, so we arrived 15 minutes late *facepalm*. It was really great, because my uncle has the same humor sense as me, and also similar tastes in music. So we spent most of the night laughing at everything and having a great time~

I finished reading Les Misérables! I started reading it two years ago, but never had the chance to finish it.I really hated Marius' attitude towards the end, he seemed to keep focusing on the unimportant things and missed out all the obvious hints until the very end. Way to go, idiot __U. Still, he turned out to be my favourite character, mainly because of his fights with his grandfather.
Now I just have to find out what happened to my copy of The Lost Symbol...

I've just spent the last three hours of my life playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I have fond memories of ignoring my Math teacher to solve the puzzles with my friends XD. The puzzles are really entertaining, but I hate the ones where the wording ruins the answer. I always end up with enormous numbers, just to find out the real answer was something like... zero __U. Still, I want to finish it quickly so I can start on the second one that has the easiest final puzzle ever.
Also, is anyone else having problems with the ROMs for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 or The World Ends With You? I want to play them really badly, but they just don't want to work with my R4 card D=


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