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I'm spamming your friend's page because I need to get it out of my system and Facebook is only making it worse. So...

I just need everything better than 700 points and it'll be alright.

Also, I ssaw Tangled with my brother and my Dad yesterday :D. It was supposedly to calm me down a bit. But I'm really calm about all this, I mean OH FUU SEVEN MINUTES LEFT
It was really fun! My brother and I were laughing the whole movie. They were not really convinced about seeing it at first, byt they ended up really liking it at the end. We had to watch it in Spanish, though. Turns out there wasn't a 2D English version, and the 3D tickets are pretty expensive x.x
Also, Dad spent the whole movie going "I'm sure Chayanne did Flynn's voice". Chayanne is a singer whose main fanbase are 30-40 year old women. We stayed 'till the end of the credits for the dubbing actors, and it turns out it really was Chayanne. I was all "Oh, nice... Wait, how did you recognize his voice? D:".

Four minutes left. Wish me luck on this one~!

785 NEM (High School Scores)
757 Spanish
696 Mathematics
696 History
763 Science - Biology
All out of 850

AT LAST! *-* I didn't get any 800s ;-;. Nor are all of them 700 DX. But I still made it into Biochemistry at the UC~! *¬*
I'm really happy with my Spanish and Sciences results! I always got 600s or low 700s for them, but they ended up quite right. I'm a bit bummed about Maths though D:. I mean, last mock test I got 777, but still ended up with 696 ;-;. And History is quite ROFLMAO, considering I got the same as in Math without even knowing what the contents were UXDDD.
If I get into Biochemistry, it's all right for me ^^U.
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I seriously can't believe this year is almost over. Actually, I'm kind bummed because this year I'm not really interested in New Years. I mean, yes, it's a huge thing and everything, and this year has honestly been really crappy for me; but all I can think about now is OMFGWTFBBQ TWO DAYS UNTIL THE TEST RESULTS TT-TT. Maybe I should just calm down about it and wait for the best UXD.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to the Ceija Institute with Montes to ask if I can still take Japanese classes there, but that plan kinda died ^^U. Instead, Tsory-chama came to my house in the afternoon. She showed me this Avatar parody (NSFW, by the way), and I was quite relieved to learn she hated it just as much as me :D (because, really, it sucked). We were talking about doing some cosplay during summer, and she told me the PkmnDaisuki forums were searching for people for their Trainer Cosplay Team. She called the team leader and officially introduced me as their new Kotone/Lyra. I had been dying to cosplay as her since Otakuton last month, and she even got me included in her team ♥ I was ecstatic~ We're going to figure out what we'll need on Sunday so I don't have to stay all day talking about the test results __U.

Finally, as always...
... New Year Meme~! )

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... What do you mean I've been MIA since October?...
Well, I had my last trimester of school, then my graduation, THEN the University entrance exams, then the graduation party, then christmas. I was kinda too consumed by RL ^^U.

But now I'm incredibly relaxed and have a handful of free time to enjoy~ ♥ ... That is, until January 2nd when the PSU results come in __U.

I can't believe school is over. We didn't even have real classes the last few days, so most of us didn't even bother going UXD. One day there were five of us in our class, and we where the ones with more people XD. And one of my classmates was happily going on about how, until we actually got into University, we were part of the unemployed work force XD. It must have been because most of us aren't going to see each other ever again, but there was such an air of calmness and friendliness in my class, everyone was getting along with everyone. I myself made up with two close friends I had lost contact with over the years. The last few weeks were brilliant~.

And these last weeks I've been... sleeping, mainly. Turns out I was actually pretty stressed out after such a hectic year ^^U. I'm also going for "Operation: Makeover" during the summer. I want to change some things before I get into Uni, and these are the last two months I've got to do it UXD. It's mainly about clothes and accessories, though. My brother got me a nice embroidery set for Christmas, and my Mum and Chachana got me some nice things to wear too <3. I want to try making clothes myself, though. Maybe I'll even make a cosplay for the Anime Expo on January 29th!

I've also been following the eventful worlds of H!P and AKB48~ The Janken things never quite convinced me, but it got Nakatsuka Tomomi as a Senbatsu so it's all right ♥ I've loved her since the INFINITY musical. And it also got me to notice Ishida Haruka, who's awfully cute and looks exactly like Erepyon :D. I was really sad to see Eri, Junjun and Linlin go; and it really bothered me that they got such a meh concert for their graduation. It was the most average I've seen from Morning Musume, though H!P concerts in general have been getting worse and worse __U: S/mileage is still awesome, though ♥. The 9th Gen auditions were quite nice too! I'm totally in for Riho and Erina; and if Mogi makes it I'm gonna cry, I hated her in the audition videos x.x

I also got Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (talk about being late __U). I'm still stuck in Agrabah, but it's turning out to be a brilliant game~ It would be much easier if my brother hadn't broken the R button though, I'd be able to lock on to targets ¬¬.
Also, for any AkuRoku fans out there, there's this fanfic on FF.net called AM Static by owlpostagain. GO READ IT RIGHT NOW! I've been re-reading it like crazy these last few days, and I swear it must be on my top 10 list of fanfics ever :D.

Finally~ Tell me, my lovely f-list, what have you all been up to? I'll stalk read your last entries, but I'd really love to know how you've all been doing ^^
I'm such an awful friend __U
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Weekend again~ <3 Even if I have a lot of things to do for next week, it's always nice to spend a Saturday listening to Vocaloid music, reading Hetalia fanfic and having a good time with my little brother <3 I wonder why people think I've got a life?.
My Dad came here today and gave us Morochas (chocolate cookies) =D Personally, I've been kinda obsessed with scones lately, but it'd been a long time since I ate Morochas anyway~

My brother has become obsessed with Inazuma Eleven. I don't really like it, except for Ichinose, because he is adorable <3 (and we call him the IncrediblyHetero!Guy, internal joke UXD). But that means I get to ramdoly hear Berryz songs on TV, and that makes me incredibly happy ♥ (though S/mileage is getting better now =D).

I've spent the better part of these last two weeks solving Math's worksheets to study for PSU __U. It gets kinda boring at times, but my scores went up in the last test (720 & 735 out of 850), so I guess it pays off in the end. The next one is on Thursday, and the other is on my birthday (lucky me >.>), so I've got to give it my best!
There was also a Science & HIstory mock test last Thursday. And afterward there was a big group of us talking in front of 4thF's class when [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha arrived and we were all "GTFO away, you History freak, we're the Science kids =D" UXDD. It was awesome~! I really love how we can bond over such little things as what test we want to do =).

Also, I'm sewing two America and England plushies and a sheep!shaped case for my iPod <3. I'll post photos when they are ready! At least the case is turning out quite nicely ^^
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I've had this song on repeat all day ♥ The vocals are really cute, and the "o-baka-san" parts are really funny ^^

Yesterday I had to re-arrange everything in my closet, which turned out to be much more than I thought __U At least now most of my old clothes fit me again, that made me really happy =D. And now everything is order by colour~ (Obsessive compulsive? Who said that? *whistles*). And today I had to put my books in order to make room for this year's copybooks. It was going pretty smoothly until I found my History copybook from 2nd Medio (or what was left of it, because the original one got stolen) and promptly sat there for an hour going "I forgot to write Prussia helped Alfred for the Revolution! D=". It seems Mum wants us to leave everything tidy before we go on vacations, so that's why we've been sorting through everything. It's excellent for burning calories, though...
Speaking about vacations, I was really mad on Monday because of them dad can be such an idiot sometimes, but it seems things might be working out after all. Just remembering it makes me angry >=(. Also, I'm fed up with PSU mock tests, and the real one is in December. I've still got 10 months left of mock tests. Oh joy. And every time my Dad calls he starts asking how much I've studied and how many tests I've done, and I'm all "Fuck, I'm on vacations. I want to relax and do nothing but read Hetalia fanfiction all day". I really don't need any more tests, especially considering I've got a day fuck to find the books for my IB History essay so I can read them while we're at La Serena (here I come, Battle of Britain~! ♥)

... I swear I don't usually complain about things like this. Sorry, f-list D=

Now stealing from [livejournal.com profile] koigokorosakura

In other news: I've discovered the lovely world of sparkly text ♥


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