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Takahashi Ai is graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project
*bawls like an idiot*
I knew this day was coming sooner or later. I mean, she and Risa are the ones who have been in the group the longest. But still, Ai-chan has been my favourite since I first got into H!P ♥ And she has such an amazing voice too! I really don't want her fading into obscurity after she leaves. If she went solo or something I wouldn't be this apprehensive...
Still, あいーちゃん、 卒業おめでとうございます! You've been a wonderful leader and the best member Morning Musume could have <3
*bias showing*

Yesterday my Mum invited some ex-classmates over. They get together in their houses from time to time, and it turns out yesterday was my Mum's turn UXD. At least this time I wasn't in charge of looking after the children (which is something that usually gets dumped on me), because all of them were my brother's age, so he got to entertain them instead ^^U. I was going to watch them anyway, but then they had a reaggeton-listening!party, so I watched KAT-TUN's "Queen of Pirates" concert instead :D. I must admit, KAT-TUN has some really great songs, and Akanishi Jin's English is really nice (I knew he had actually studied back in L.A.!). But the MC was the most boring I've ever seen __U. I spent 20 minutes going "You're in a group. Together. Please act like it D:". And then Yamapi came in and all was well again UXD.

Today I'm doing some clothes designs. Hopefully, I can go buy some cloth next week. I've also got to start on my Kotone cosplay, though it seems there are no more tickets for this 29th's Anime Expo ..U.
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I seriously can't believe this year is almost over. Actually, I'm kind bummed because this year I'm not really interested in New Years. I mean, yes, it's a huge thing and everything, and this year has honestly been really crappy for me; but all I can think about now is OMFGWTFBBQ TWO DAYS UNTIL THE TEST RESULTS TT-TT. Maybe I should just calm down about it and wait for the best UXD.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to the Ceija Institute with Montes to ask if I can still take Japanese classes there, but that plan kinda died ^^U. Instead, Tsory-chama came to my house in the afternoon. She showed me this Avatar parody (NSFW, by the way), and I was quite relieved to learn she hated it just as much as me :D (because, really, it sucked). We were talking about doing some cosplay during summer, and she told me the PkmnDaisuki forums were searching for people for their Trainer Cosplay Team. She called the team leader and officially introduced me as their new Kotone/Lyra. I had been dying to cosplay as her since Otakuton last month, and she even got me included in her team ♥ I was ecstatic~ We're going to figure out what we'll need on Sunday so I don't have to stay all day talking about the test results __U.

Finally, as always...
... New Year Meme~! )

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I... Just sent my inscription for the Anime Festival Classic karaoke D=
I don't know how to feel at that UXD. I kinda hope I don't make it, because AF is more professional-like than the Cosplay Party I last sang in. So nervous~ >.>

I want to go as GakuHeta!Hungary, but I'd have to start working on the costume right now D=. That means, buying the fabric when my Dad and brother return from running >.>

Today my little brother had a class trip, but my Dad was too lazy and didn't want to take him there __U. Also, I wanted to go to the Centre to buy some plushie felt to make an America (♥) plushie, but he fell asleep. And when I got mad about it, he got mad because he thought I was talking about going to Starbucks (wth? ._.). So~ I've been sitting here doing nothing since 7:30am XD. Way~ to ruin my day __U. He'll have to take me on Monday then...
At least I've had all day to finish watching Nanoha StrikerS (which I started back in... May, yeah *IB'd*) <3

BTW, yay [livejournal.com profile] ripio~ <3 Now I can stalk you again =D


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