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Hope you all had a good time this Christmas, and I demand you tell me all about your day =D.

I spent Christmas with my Dad this year. I got many chocolates (nice, because I had already eaten the ones from the End-of-year ceremony ^^U), some books on learning Japanese, peanut butter jelly paid account time, and also Japanese classes when they start on March =D. I'm loving the paid account thing, probably will waste the rest of my vacations making some new icons and a layout, finally, orz.

We didn't really do anything special. We had our Christmas dinner (= my brother and I trying to stop our Dad for giving us any more food UXD) last night, and today I spent the day watching Macross Frontier. Ranka is simply too adorable <3. Just a few hours ago, we went to the cinema to watch Avatar. It's an incredibly nice movie, but it's too long __U. I ended up drawing some sketches for my new story in the middle of it. Anyway, the music was superb, the computer graphics really well done, and even the ending (though expected) wasn't out of place. Just... try not to make it 3 hours long next time? My Dad keeps saying it's much too similar to Pocahontas, which isn't really too false when you think about it...

Also, WTF at Hetalia just getting one new episode per month? I feel so trolled it's not even funny... At least the Christmas special is turning out to be spectacular!

Day 02 ~> Your favorite movie
Hmm... I'd go with Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl who Leapt Through Time). The characters were real and likable, the plot was incredible, the music was nice, it had everything! But for me what makes this movie is the fact that time travel is not shown as a way to fix past errors, but as a way of destroying the future. It taught me that you shouldn't spend your life regretting your past and wishing you could change it, just jump into your future and make the best of it.

Day 03 ~> Your favorite television program
Right now I don't really watch TV. So I'll say Dr.House, because it's the only show I'm actually following for now.
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Happy Christmas Eve everyone~!!!! ♥♥

I swear I just keep forgetting about my LJ __U. Maybe that will be one of my resolutions for next year?

Anyway, welcome to all the wonderful people from [livejournal.com profile] hetalia_penpals~!!! I look forward to start sending letters to all of you =D.

Last week I had to go to school on Monday to start on the Biology laboratories for next year's IB exam, but our teacher told us to go back on Tuesday. But still, I got to talk with all my friends who were there for the Biology exam (and you all did really good too~!) ♥. So, I went to Vale's ([livejournal.com profile] neko_misha)house and we baked a Lemon Pie. Mum scolded me for going without her permission (because she was sleeping ._.), so I took some pie back home with me. It ended up really nice <3.
When I went back on Tuesday we were only three people, so Miss Beatriz just handed us some Statistics papers, and we read the IB requirements over again. We ended up talking about our classmates, the IB classes and our other teachers, and it was wonderful~ That's why she's my favourite teacher =)
On Friday it was the End-of-Year ceremony. I managed to tie in first place with a 6,8 (out of 7). I felt really down for a few days, because I thought I would end up second, and I felt like a failure. That was pretty screwed up x.x And I really couldn't bother my friends at the time...

Anyway, this week I went Christmas shopping with my Mum, though I still got some more things to buy~

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