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Welcome to all my new friends from the Hetalia Friending Meme! =D I guess I should do a little introduction... My name's Pamela, I'm 17 years old and currently in 4th Medio (12th grade). I'm a high school student here in Chile, trying to get into Biochemistry next year. Ehhh... I'm also a perfectionist at heart, a procrastinator that makes up for it with hard work, completely crazy, just a little bit OCD, good at listening and giving advice, and very happy to have added you all <3

Yesterday I met up with my Dad at 11:00, because I had to go Downtown to take some photos for a school project (that was supposed to be in groups, but that's another story altogether...). We were finished by 17:00, but we walked all those hours taking photos of different historical places x.x. Some of them were quite nice, like the Alambra Palace (too bad it was falling apart after the earthquake __U). And I even got a photo of the YMCA building, and went all "Would they mind if I started dancing here? =D", but Dad didn't let me >.>.
And we even went out of town to find a pucará, but it was closed to the public *sniff*.

I'm supposed to be typing up our Biology report for the IB project, but I really don't want to do anything school-related today. Thankfully, I haven't got any tests 'til Tuesday, so I don't really have to work right now...

Also! I'm applying for this new Gaku!Heta RP. I have America reserved, I just have to finish the application now~
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I just finished putting NEWS' discography on my iPod =D Sometimes I forget how much I love these guys ♥ I've been listening to SNOW EXPRESS and Happy Birthday all day~! Also, I listened to Tegomass' album, and there's some really great songs there ^^

I bought a nice little book about modern history. It's the one our XXI Century History teacher uses for some of our classes. I was looking at the index the other day in classes, and Vale told me I looked as if I were reading a romance novel instead of a History book. I happily told her they were almost the same thing for me now UXDD. Hetalia does wonders for your view on life~ And also for History tests, which I didn't remember anything for because we'd been moving it since May~

Things haven't really been all that well here. It seems between my two best friends and I there's always at least one of us with a problem ^^U. Maybe that's why we get along so well UXD. This last week I've been feeling pretty down, and by Wednesday that was giving me headaches and stuff @.@. Though things seems to be getting better now. I'll just have to keep doing my best~! *Monkey Dance~*
School has been going wonderfully~ Except that I got a 5.5 in the Biology project I handed in back in May, and it's all because I was too sleepy to notice some pretty idiotic mistakes *shot*. I just hope that mark stays there and doesn't get lower because of the mistakes x.x.

I've got 3 and a half weeks left 'til vacations, and four 'til my birthday. I guess I'll be doing something with my friends that day, even though most of them will be out of the country for that week ;-;, It happens almost every year UXD. Still, I prefer staying here for the spring vacations, it makes no sense to me to spend September 18th outside the country __U. Chile would be disappointed D=. At least until Vale and I put our ebil plan into action.

I should really try to update more often, I always forget what I want to write here UXD *fail*
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I'm quite torn on this one. I'd love to adress it to my family in general, seeing as that would solve quite a few problems, assuming it works UXD.
But, mostly, I'd like to adress it to myself. Get it through your thick head that you're a free person, you bloody idiot! D= Sometimes it's not necesary to please everyone with your actions, and you should remember it more often!

Today we went to Pau's house to finish our Biology project. Obviously, we didn't UXD. We did work a lot, but it's still not ready yet. In the end, we were all bored with Biology and ended up dancing to Michael Jackson's hits~ Now that every radio/tv channel/newspaper is talking about him, it's quite easy to get addicted to his songs =D.

Also, I learnt today that my Maths teacher whom I profussely dislke is in hospital. So, that means I don't get to see him~ I probably won't have that Maths test on Wednesday. That just leaves Biology and Spanish before vacations *dances*

Also, I think I need to have a conversation with Felipe someday soon-ish D=
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A bit better now~ UXD

I'll start working on my Biology project after this. Actually, we have to hand it in on Friday (last day of school~), but we'll (Naty, Pau, Yossy, Montes? and I) be getting together tomorrow to make the last changes. Which means I'll actually have to finish it now, as tomorrow I'll have this IDUC laboratory thingy (which I don't want to go to, but my dad isn't going to let me miss it >.>) and I won't have time to.
So, obviously, I'm here doing friending memes and checking Hetalia fics __U.

Today in school we got a review of WWII (all the war in just one class D=, though our new teacher skipped most of it, but there's always the essay~). And I couldn't stop laughing through all of it. She was kinda surprised I new most of the beginning of the war UXD. Actually, I was going "Hetalia~! UXD" in my mind the whole class. Guess anime can be really good for school, too.
Speaking of school, I've got two tests, teh ebil Biology project and five days left before vacations. It's really nice, 'cause I won't have anything to do for two weeks, but I've been having a great time at school these last days. And I don't want to be two whole weeks in my house (no matter which house it is >.>) without a daily excuse to go out ;-;.
Guess I'll have to get a different thing to do each day, then. __U I know I've got three days covered up, now I've just got to think of something for the other 12 *shot*.

It seems Youtube is deleting a lot of Hetalia MADs D= I haven't checked if my favorites are still up, but when I get bored with Biology (which probably won't be anytime soon =D) I'll go and save the best ones~.

Also, LOOK AT THIS~! He's going Auuu~ for that whole chapter. HE MUST BE A NAZI SOVIET ROBOT SHEEP JUST LIKE ME! *shot* Ok, that was today's inner joke.

Lastly, Saa! has been stuck in my head for days now~ It was wonderful for getting rid of Oishii Tomato no Uta in my head ^^U. And the USxUK MAD of it is really touching. I almost cried watching it last night, if only for the translation. I just felt it really suited my mood right now UXD.


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