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... What do you mean I've been MIA since October?...
Well, I had my last trimester of school, then my graduation, THEN the University entrance exams, then the graduation party, then christmas. I was kinda too consumed by RL ^^U.

But now I'm incredibly relaxed and have a handful of free time to enjoy~ ♥ ... That is, until January 2nd when the PSU results come in __U.

I can't believe school is over. We didn't even have real classes the last few days, so most of us didn't even bother going UXD. One day there were five of us in our class, and we where the ones with more people XD. And one of my classmates was happily going on about how, until we actually got into University, we were part of the unemployed work force XD. It must have been because most of us aren't going to see each other ever again, but there was such an air of calmness and friendliness in my class, everyone was getting along with everyone. I myself made up with two close friends I had lost contact with over the years. The last few weeks were brilliant~.

And these last weeks I've been... sleeping, mainly. Turns out I was actually pretty stressed out after such a hectic year ^^U. I'm also going for "Operation: Makeover" during the summer. I want to change some things before I get into Uni, and these are the last two months I've got to do it UXD. It's mainly about clothes and accessories, though. My brother got me a nice embroidery set for Christmas, and my Mum and Chachana got me some nice things to wear too <3. I want to try making clothes myself, though. Maybe I'll even make a cosplay for the Anime Expo on January 29th!

I've also been following the eventful worlds of H!P and AKB48~ The Janken things never quite convinced me, but it got Nakatsuka Tomomi as a Senbatsu so it's all right ♥ I've loved her since the INFINITY musical. And it also got me to notice Ishida Haruka, who's awfully cute and looks exactly like Erepyon :D. I was really sad to see Eri, Junjun and Linlin go; and it really bothered me that they got such a meh concert for their graduation. It was the most average I've seen from Morning Musume, though H!P concerts in general have been getting worse and worse __U: S/mileage is still awesome, though ♥. The 9th Gen auditions were quite nice too! I'm totally in for Riho and Erina; and if Mogi makes it I'm gonna cry, I hated her in the audition videos x.x

I also got Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (talk about being late __U). I'm still stuck in Agrabah, but it's turning out to be a brilliant game~ It would be much easier if my brother hadn't broken the R button though, I'd be able to lock on to targets ¬¬.
Also, for any AkuRoku fans out there, there's this fanfic on FF.net called AM Static by owlpostagain. GO READ IT RIGHT NOW! I've been re-reading it like crazy these last few days, and I swear it must be on my top 10 list of fanfics ever :D.

Finally~ Tell me, my lovely f-list, what have you all been up to? I'll stalk read your last entries, but I'd really love to know how you've all been doing ^^
I'm such an awful friend __U
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Congratulations Spain!. Even though I wanted Netherlands to win and avenge Germany, and both of the teams played horribly (I mean, not even we had that many yellow cards D=), you still deserved to win. Even if my History teacher (who is from Spain) will be making fun of us until Brazil 2014 UXDDD.
GERMANY YOU MADE IT~! <3 That match was WUNDERBAR brilliant~ Much better than the Finals for sure ^^U. I was a bit sorry for Uruguay too. I mean, they were the only South Americans left, but the best team had to win in the end <3
And Paul correctly predicted both matches' results! Way to go, Paul~ Also go listen to the Paul the Octopus song!. Like, right now!

Got another mock PSU test tomorrow __U. At least classes will end at 13:30 *dances*. I've been really fed up with school lately, and I don't even know why D=. I mean, must be because of the stupid PSU thing, but that one won't go away until the real test in December __U.
On Tuesday we had to open a cow's brain. It was the best~!!! =D Half our class was all grossed out, and the rest of us were all "Brain~ =D". And then the lights went out and we ran away to watch the Netherlands-Uruguay match and our Music teacher found out and was really mad UXD. He'll kill us on Thursday...

Hetalia dub = BLOODY BRILLIANT. The dub voices are turning out wonderful~ The Russia-France clip was hilarious, and Japan's Engrish was adorable <3. It turns out my money has been well spent after all n_n.

Also, Erepyon will be graduating from AKB48 ;-;. She's my second favourite member after Yukirin, so I'm really sad to see her go. But she's going to study abroad, so I wish her the very best! =D

Hetalia 30 Days Meme: Days 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 )
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First things first:
CHILE WON!!!!!!1

It was an incredible match~! Even if it was full of fouls and yellow cards, but it was AWESOME. There were only five people from 4th Medio watching the match at school (because it was at 7:30 in the morning and my classmates are lazy UXD), but we had a picnic going on just in front of the screen (aka wall, because we were watching it with a projector[sp?]) and all the kids from other levels were looking at us with envy XD.
And then some more people from our class arrived and we had classes for half an hour before the Headmistress felt sad for us and let us watch the Spain-Switzerland game. We were all going "Draw, draw you bitches D=", but still, I'm happy that Switzerland won because now we have a chance!

Other matches worth mentioning: France, you were SO OWNED it wasn't even funny. Germany WTH happened to you? Serbia, really? __U England, I'm like the only one who didn't think your match was dead boring, and that's just because I'm biased. United States: YOU DESERVED TO WIN THAT MATCH!. And Ghana, why didn't you win again? It makes for a wonderfully lame joke in Spanish...

What do you mean I'm obsessed? I'm definitely not... *goes back to calculate some more statistics for the different groups*

In some not-World Cup-related news, I missed both the Germany and USA matches yesterday because of a mock PSU test. So much for not-World Cup-related.... It was really, really boring, because we got to do Spanish first and those texts always make me sleepy __U. And then at Maths I did a lot better than usual (let's hope the results match this, or there's going to be a problem >.>), but I stayed right until the end and was all "I never take this long with a test D=". I really hope I get better scores than last time ^^U.

I was supposed to go to Kichi's house for a Wii-playing-get-together, but my Mum is all ignoring us again, and she's still sick and my brother too, so I had to stay here x.x. Oh well, there's still the match and Lelei's birthday on Friday, right?

Also, Sayaka's version of Infinity < Yukirin's version of Infinity
That's all.
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Today's match? IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! I was rooting for England, but I'm soooo happy that it ended in a tie! Good Work, Alfred and Arthur! <3 Now both of them might make it to the next round~
Of course, I'm rooting for Chile all the way! This Wednesday's match is going to be so epic ♥♥♥
The three of you, let's do our very best!

It feels kinda weird being this interested in the World Cup. I mean, I've at least listened to all the matches up to now (except Korea v/s Greece, I was sleeping for that one). My school gave us the option to get to school later because of the Chile v/s Honduras match, so I'm watching it at school with, like, three more girls and all the boys in our level, and everyone else is sleeping 'til late UXD.

Ingrid's birthday party was supposed to be today, but I ended staying home. Things home have been pretty awful this last week, and I'm not really in the mood for a party x.x. I know a lot of people have been asking me to go, so I'm really sorry! D=
I really want to go out, though... Maybe go to Eurocentro with my friends or try out that new Maid Café I've been dying to visit. Something to take my head off of my house ^^U

Also, I swear I'll actually start commenting on entries. After the earthquake I lost my will for social communication, but it really is time to get over that XDD.

Also, Yuko actually beat Acchan in the AKB48 Senbatsu Election! I was really sad about it, especially when Acchan started saying how she hadn't been good enough as the face os AKB48. I could relate to her so well that it made it even sadder ;-;. Ganbatte, Acchan~!
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These last days have been really fun~!
Last Thursday there was a trip to Punta de Tralca for all the 4th Medios. IT WAS THE BEST TRIP EVER!!!1 During the day there were a lot of activities, and I got to know everyone a little better, especially the rest of my class. And then we spent all night up eating sweets and walking around the place, it was great! =D Sadly, most people spent the night drinking, so there were a lot of problems the next morning idiots, but overall it was a great trip~

Then on Monday there was a mock PSU test, at least I didn't do badly, I think... Results are coming in on Wednesday, anyway...

Then yesterday I went out with Vale and Clau after the Funday (which I completely skipped =P). We went to Coppelia for lunch, and then to Bravissimo for ice cream <3 And Clau was all, "Why didn't we order ice cream back at Coppelia? D=", and we were all "Because we're strange 8D". I had a great time with them both, even if all the other people who were supposed to show up bailed out at the last minute UXDD.

Completely unrelated: Team K's new stage? Bleh... __U It could have used a lot less Tomochin, like in the unit with Erepyon (though I'm really glad that Erepyon didn't get the loli unit for once).
Alos, Namatame, I hate you and the randomness that is getting to your dungeon >.>
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I think this is probably obvious, but I'd sell my soul to watch Queen live with Freddy ♥♥♥ Going to a Michael Jackson concert would be nice, too =D

This last week has been pretty hectic. On Tuesday everything was going smoothly, but my stomach started hurting before I went to sleep. I ended up sleeping from 5 to 6, after I had thrown up for an hour x.x. Needless to say, school was really nice~ UXD. I ended up sleeping all day at the infirmary because I refused to leave before I'd done my Physics test, which was on the last period *shot*. Btw, a big, big~ thank you to Vale, Yosy and Marti for visiting me while I was sleeping <3 Sorry for worrying you all! Then I went home and slept the rest of the day.

Thursday was the 4th Medios lunch. Seeing as I had already paid, I had to go even if I felt bad. Thankfully I was a lot better and didn't have any problem going =D. We had a great time~! And I even messed up with the present-giving UXD. Afterwards I was supposed to go to Starbucks with Vale, but she left early __U. And then I was invited to Kiku's house to watch a movie, but my Mum wouldn't let me go >.>

Today I studied a bit for my Biology test (the last one~ <3) on Tuesday, then went to buy some sweets for tomorrow's breakfast, and now I'm ripping songs out of the last AKB48 concert XD. Yukirin was marvellous in Kuroi Tenshi, much better than Acchan even ♥. Though all the shuffles were really nice~

And now, something I stole from [livejournal.com profile] staytogether42~
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