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Ok, I want to start with this: WTF?!!! (link NSFW, by the way). Rinatin? You have always been my Oshimen, even when you left. Not even Yukirin could quite reach that rank. But know... I don't know what to do. I want you to do your best, surely, but I can't really support you on this one...
Btw, the Majisuka Gakuen version of Kinjirareta Futari is pure gold <3. The end, especially, poor Daruma UXDD

World Cup, World Cup... Why do you mess with my heart like this? First the USA, then England, the Chile, then Japan and Portugal. Every team I was rooting for is officially out D=. Surprisingly, I was not so mad about England, who was my favourite to actually WIN the Cup, as I am about Chile and the USA. It's because they're almost the same in my mind: we were both teams know for not being too good at football, who somehow made it to the Cup and were expected to lose on the first round, but who played really well and got to reach the knockout stage. I'm really sad we had to leave so early, but it's great experience for both teams! We'll surely do even better in Brazil 2014, you just wait and see!

In the end, I had to cut my hair because of the bet ^^U. I asked my Mum to cut it, as Monday was a Holiday and every hairdresser was closed. I think it turned out pretty nicely, and I really liked, but on side ended up being slightly shorter than the other and my Mum thinks it looks strange. Well, many other people do, actually. But I'm absolutely thrilled about it, so that's not a problem =D.
Yesterday, we were told that Promis, our old Individual and Society teacher, had died D=. He had prostate cancer and it evolved into bone cancer. We were given today's afternoon off to go to his funeral, but I decided it was best if I didn't go. I mean, I liked him and everything, but we only had three months of classes with him, and there were ex-students going who've known him their whole life. I felt I really didn't have authority to actually show up...

Yesterday we also had the Catholic University of Chile talk at school ♥ Even though I'm an atheist, and it has an obligatory religious course *shot*, it's the best university of the country and the one I want to get into =D. I'd been waiting for it for a long time, so I was really happy I actually got to listen to it~. I really liked everything about it, so I'll try my best to get into Biochemistry, then also into English Language and Literature~!

New Lyrical Gala is on Friday, apparently, and everyone from 4th Medio will be attending. This one is really the last one, so we'll all do our best!

Now~ Hetalia Meme!
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WHY, USA, WHY???? TT-TT First Chile lost the match yesterday, and now you lost yours. But I got to watch it with my Dad, and we were both screaming at the computer screen because TV sucks and didn't show it the whole time XDD.
At least Chile got into the knockout stage~! Yatta~ But we're going to face Brazil on Monday (which is a holiday here, btw) so we have to do our very best to make it to the next round!
And England is going against Germany tomorrow. So... GO ENGLAND!!!!!! If not, I'll lose the bet and have to cut my hair x.x.

The Lyrical Gala went perfectly~! Well, not exactly perfectly as many people were really nervous and forgot parts of their poems, and Nico just stopped right in the middle and said "Oh, I can't do this >.>" before going down the stage __U. But, overall, it was incredible. And, upon arriving, I was ambushed by the musical director (a guy I don't speak to) and told I had to carry the English flag in the final number, so I was all "FUCK YES *-*". That made my day UXD. Actually, it was because I was the only one who said an English poem ("How do I Love Thee" by Elizabeth Barret Browning), and both Nacho and Arriagada had American ones ^^U. It was really beautiful, and we got some juice and cookies for it the next day and they were even within the expiration date this time.

I also got the results for the last PSU mock test! 776 in Spanish and 710 in Maths, both out of 850. I did, like, 100 points better than last time! So I went all day singing "I'm not gonna get killed~ I'm not gonna get killed~". That got me a few nasty looks __U. And then our Maths teacher was lecturing us for the bad results and saying how the two people who'd got over 700 points were always working and paying attention to him. Funny thing was both of us were drawing and listening to the Brazil-Portugal match on the radio UXD.

I made some cookies for my Dad for Father's Day, but I was talking to my Mum while I waited for them to be finished and I forgot about them. When I got back to the kitchen, I'd burnt 12 of them, and then my Mum broke another 2 UXD. But the other ones turned out great!

Now, meme time~! One from [livejournal.com profile] jojibear, and one form [livejournal.com profile] thelastfruit.
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God, today's match had em on edge the whole time! Also, we were watching it in the schoolyard, and it was really cold and our projector didn't have audio, and when we tried to move somewhere else we were scolded ;-;. But we got to watch it in the end. I was shouting all the game~! Many of my friends passed by me and were all "You're not usually like this D=" and I said "Oh, it's just the match. Tomorrow I'l-- WHO WAS THAT BALL FOR, FUCKER?" It was awesome UXD. And we won too~! Now, we have to win or tie with Spain and we're in for the next round ♥ Also, the referee was paid, I tell you.
Portugal really surprised me. I mean, 7-0? Wow =D. But they still have to lose to Brazil on the next match or there'll be problems for Chile later D=.

I spent to hours of my life shouting, and then remembered I have to say a poem for tomorrow's Lyrical Gala *fail*. Miss Iris is sooo going to kill me now __U.
I went with [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha and my Dad to buy some things, as he went to pick me up to school today. Both my Mum and my brother are really sick, so they're staying in bed for a few days. Maybe they'll even send me with my Dad for the week D= *sniff*

Oh, and, yesterday, I baked a Lemon Pie and some cookies <3 It was my first time trying out both recipes, and they turned out really great! Also, we had agreat time with my brother drawing things on the cookies and claiming them for ourselves XD. I got to eat one with a swastika in the morning and I was really happy~ (please don't kill me for that one ;-;).I have a photo of the Pie somewhere, but I'll save it for tomorrow or I'll get scolded.
Also, I'll be doing [livejournal.com profile] jojibear's meme~! *ish late*
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First things first:
CHILE WON!!!!!!1

It was an incredible match~! Even if it was full of fouls and yellow cards, but it was AWESOME. There were only five people from 4th Medio watching the match at school (because it was at 7:30 in the morning and my classmates are lazy UXD), but we had a picnic going on just in front of the screen (aka wall, because we were watching it with a projector[sp?]) and all the kids from other levels were looking at us with envy XD.
And then some more people from our class arrived and we had classes for half an hour before the Headmistress felt sad for us and let us watch the Spain-Switzerland game. We were all going "Draw, draw you bitches D=", but still, I'm happy that Switzerland won because now we have a chance!

Other matches worth mentioning: France, you were SO OWNED it wasn't even funny. Germany WTH happened to you? Serbia, really? __U England, I'm like the only one who didn't think your match was dead boring, and that's just because I'm biased. United States: YOU DESERVED TO WIN THAT MATCH!. And Ghana, why didn't you win again? It makes for a wonderfully lame joke in Spanish...

What do you mean I'm obsessed? I'm definitely not... *goes back to calculate some more statistics for the different groups*

In some not-World Cup-related news, I missed both the Germany and USA matches yesterday because of a mock PSU test. So much for not-World Cup-related.... It was really, really boring, because we got to do Spanish first and those texts always make me sleepy __U. And then at Maths I did a lot better than usual (let's hope the results match this, or there's going to be a problem >.>), but I stayed right until the end and was all "I never take this long with a test D=". I really hope I get better scores than last time ^^U.

I was supposed to go to Kichi's house for a Wii-playing-get-together, but my Mum is all ignoring us again, and she's still sick and my brother too, so I had to stay here x.x. Oh well, there's still the match and Lelei's birthday on Friday, right?

Also, Sayaka's version of Infinity < Yukirin's version of Infinity
That's all.
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That's all =D

PS: WAIT. I also got an England T-shirt. And my Dad gave me a USA hoodie. I'm a really~ happy girl right now ♥
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Today's match? IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! I was rooting for England, but I'm soooo happy that it ended in a tie! Good Work, Alfred and Arthur! <3 Now both of them might make it to the next round~
Of course, I'm rooting for Chile all the way! This Wednesday's match is going to be so epic ♥♥♥
The three of you, let's do our very best!

It feels kinda weird being this interested in the World Cup. I mean, I've at least listened to all the matches up to now (except Korea v/s Greece, I was sleeping for that one). My school gave us the option to get to school later because of the Chile v/s Honduras match, so I'm watching it at school with, like, three more girls and all the boys in our level, and everyone else is sleeping 'til late UXD.

Ingrid's birthday party was supposed to be today, but I ended staying home. Things home have been pretty awful this last week, and I'm not really in the mood for a party x.x. I know a lot of people have been asking me to go, so I'm really sorry! D=
I really want to go out, though... Maybe go to Eurocentro with my friends or try out that new Maid Café I've been dying to visit. Something to take my head off of my house ^^U

Also, I swear I'll actually start commenting on entries. After the earthquake I lost my will for social communication, but it really is time to get over that XDD.

Also, Yuko actually beat Acchan in the AKB48 Senbatsu Election! I was really sad about it, especially when Acchan started saying how she hadn't been good enough as the face os AKB48. I could relate to her so well that it made it even sadder ;-;. Ganbatte, Acchan~!
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These last two weeks have been awesome~ Subject line completely related ^^ Cookies for whoever gets the reference *shot*

Last Saturday it was [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha's birthday party. I had a really~ good time. We got to dance a whole lot, and Nacho and Cami knew the Cha Cha Slide and Cote recorded us dancing and it was AWESOME!!! Nobody here knows the Cha Cha Slide, much less can dance to the 7 minute version UXD.
And we were talking with Mati about how we'd miss going to things like that next year when we're out of school. And, thinking it thoroughly, its only recently that I got to know such a nice group of people, and next year it'll be near impossible to get us all together x.x. Everytime we were all doing the same thing (like when we were playing "Nunca Nunca" without alcohol UXD) I couldn't help but think "I'm really going to miss this..."

Anyway, this week has also been very nice except for Montes and his horrible habit of sticking to people sometimes x.x. Yesterday, the ones who are doing the Biology IB exam got to do an experiment with potatoes =D. My group had to restart it 2 times, because we waited for too much time (10 seconds __U) and the foam started falling from the tubes UXD. Afterward we were all smelling like potatoes for the rest of the day.
And I should be really finishing my History test now, but I guess I'll get to it tomorrow on Chemistry that or daydream the hour away...
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These last days have been really fun~!
Last Thursday there was a trip to Punta de Tralca for all the 4th Medios. IT WAS THE BEST TRIP EVER!!!1 During the day there were a lot of activities, and I got to know everyone a little better, especially the rest of my class. And then we spent all night up eating sweets and walking around the place, it was great! =D Sadly, most people spent the night drinking, so there were a lot of problems the next morning idiots, but overall it was a great trip~

Then on Monday there was a mock PSU test, at least I didn't do badly, I think... Results are coming in on Wednesday, anyway...

Then yesterday I went out with Vale and Clau after the Funday (which I completely skipped =P). We went to Coppelia for lunch, and then to Bravissimo for ice cream <3 And Clau was all, "Why didn't we order ice cream back at Coppelia? D=", and we were all "Because we're strange 8D". I had a great time with them both, even if all the other people who were supposed to show up bailed out at the last minute UXDD.

Completely unrelated: Team K's new stage? Bleh... __U It could have used a lot less Tomochin, like in the unit with Erepyon (though I'm really glad that Erepyon didn't get the loli unit for once).
Alos, Namatame, I hate you and the randomness that is getting to your dungeon >.>
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I saw them today and they made me really happy! Well, in a "sorry for making you worry *shot*" way, but really, really happy =D

Seriously, when he was going all "SCARED ;-;" after the horror movie? Epic.Win. And Japan's reaction was priceless UXDD
That was well worth the month-and-a-half wait~

I'm at my Grandma's house again! *shot*. There isn't electricity at my house still, so I came here to charge my iPod and my brother's cellphone while my Mum and brother go to the dentist. Also, to download the Persona 4 soundtrack {Pursuing My True Self is catchy =D} and watch the newest Hetalia episode. [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha and [livejournal.com profile] loki_xd should drop by soon ^^.

Speaking of which...
GO PLAY PERSONA 4!!! It's freaking addictive~ I'm still stuck on Kanji's dungeon, but when my electricity comes back I'll finally beat it!! *-*
Also, Yosuke <333333 is the coolest.character.ever. Actually, I'm stuck now because I spent most of my free days out with him orz.
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Well... I finally got some access to the Internet. My house doesn't even have electricity now, so I'm at my Grandma's house charging my cellphone for now.

Heck, these last two days have been hell for all of us.
There was an earthquake here on Saturday. My house is actually quite fine, everything considered. There are some shallow cracks on our walls, and a really nasty one on my Mum's room. Mine and my brother's are almost perfect, not even my Hetalia papercrafts fell down. It was really strange, so many fragile things that remained intact and some bigger ones that were completely broken. And then I spent the next two days trying to contact all my friends to make sure they were all right, ad I couldn't get a hold of [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha until yesterday, and I was really worried...

I'm sure I'll read this when I get electricity again and I'll find it makes no sense, but I don't really care for now...
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So... Somehow I'm in La Serena right now =D It's been quite cloudy, so I'm really happy~
There was a light fog on our way here, enough to keep me from sunburning but not enought to keep us from seeing. I still think my arms are a bit sunburnt, though __U, I forgot everything about sunscreen until they started hurting UXD.
We're staying right in fornt of a craft fair, where they sell chocolates and an amazing aquamarine dress and ORANGE-BANANA JUICE ♥♥♥ Guess where I'll be most of our stay XDDD

That's really all I have to say ^^U
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I've had this song on repeat all day ♥ The vocals are really cute, and the "o-baka-san" parts are really funny ^^

Yesterday I had to re-arrange everything in my closet, which turned out to be much more than I thought __U At least now most of my old clothes fit me again, that made me really happy =D. And now everything is order by colour~ (Obsessive compulsive? Who said that? *whistles*). And today I had to put my books in order to make room for this year's copybooks. It was going pretty smoothly until I found my History copybook from 2nd Medio (or what was left of it, because the original one got stolen) and promptly sat there for an hour going "I forgot to write Prussia helped Alfred for the Revolution! D=". It seems Mum wants us to leave everything tidy before we go on vacations, so that's why we've been sorting through everything. It's excellent for burning calories, though...
Speaking about vacations, I was really mad on Monday because of them dad can be such an idiot sometimes, but it seems things might be working out after all. Just remembering it makes me angry >=(. Also, I'm fed up with PSU mock tests, and the real one is in December. I've still got 10 months left of mock tests. Oh joy. And every time my Dad calls he starts asking how much I've studied and how many tests I've done, and I'm all "Fuck, I'm on vacations. I want to relax and do nothing but read Hetalia fanfiction all day". I really don't need any more tests, especially considering I've got a day fuck to find the books for my IB History essay so I can read them while we're at La Serena (here I come, Battle of Britain~! ♥)

... I swear I don't usually complain about things like this. Sorry, f-list D=

Now stealing from [livejournal.com profile] koigokorosakura

In other news: I've discovered the lovely world of sparkly text ♥
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First of all, welcome to all the wonderful people from the Hetalia Friending Meme! As a brief introduction: I'm Pame, 17 years old, from Chile. I'm completely obsessed with Hetalia, and sometimes I'm way~ too lazy to update often, but I still look forward to getting to know all of you. My MSN is pj_orrego1516@hotmail.com, feel free to add me if you want! Just don't forget to tell me who you are ^^U.

Today we met up with my Dad (Mum and Dad together without fighting? No wonder she got mad at me afterwards) at Jumbo to buy my brother's school uniform. My brother got to try that new strawberry-flavored!Fanta, and I finally bought some apple juice ♥ I'd been searching for a month now... Then we bought churros and some candied peanuts (?) for me <3(which I should not eat, because I'm alergic, but oh well...).

It seems we'll be going to La Serena with my brother and Dad for our summer vacations, if there's still anything available for the second week of February. I completely love La Serena ♥♥ Buut that means I'll come back just a week before school starts, so I should finish everything school-related before I leave. That means YOU, books about the Battle of England that I've yet to find *shot*

day 11 → a photo of you taken recently
Will update later or I'll get in trouble~

The Axis Powers Hetalia! Friending Meme
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My brain is like... dead x.x. Whoever the fuck had the idea of me doing PSU mock tests 11 months beforehand (*looks at Dad*) is clearly a cruel sadist. Bleh...

We went to the cinema last night to see Sherlock Holmes. And every screening was in English! (I was indescribably elated at that =D) It was really different from the book I've read, but in a good way. I mean, Holmes and Watson were much more active and daring than what I remember from the book, and it made for a brilliant movie~ And I loved Watson and his complete fail at not involving himself in the case. Also, the chemistry between them was great! (even so, I never saw the romance, it was more like a bromance or something UXD).

On Thursday I went to the first show of "The Man of La Mancha". Actually, it was supposed to run for just a few days last year, but they are doing some more shows now. It was simply wonderful, and it seems they sold all the tickets. Makes me wonder why we don't have more musicals here...
My music teacher was part of the cast, and I was completely convinced he wouldn't have a big role. It turns out he was the Priest, so he got to act quite a bit! I didn't really like Don Quixote's singing voice at first, but it's easy to get used to. And Aldonza was too much of a bitch at times (well, she WAS a bitch...), so kudos to the actress for that one! My favourite moment had to be Sancho's song about how he "Really Liked" Don Quixote, and that being the reason why he was tagging along with him.
Oh, and when they were turning the lights back on at the end, someone at the upper floors shouted "GRANDE PEDRO!" (my teacher's name), and I was all "YOU! are from my school's music class!". I never found out who it was tough XD.

Lastly, in a crowning moment of Random, welcome [livejournal.com profile] loki_xd, my stalker RL best friend.

Day 10 ~> A photo of you taken over ten years ago
... Will find one when I get back to my house
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First things first:
I'm really, really happy that he won the elections. It restored my faith in Chilean people, at least 51% of them knows what they're doing =)

Also, Layton Kyouju to Saigo no Jikan Ryokou was AWESOME!!! I... kind of missed most of the story *sucks at reading Japanese*, but from what I got from the videos and the voiced-over scenes, the plot is fantastic ♥ Also, I'll never get over the ending, never.

Yesterday I went to buy mangas with Tsory-chama and Davod. Then we went to Gatsby to drink some juice (because it's been really hot here these last days x.x). We spent most of the day talking about the Pikaflash forums and all the drama there used to be on the Ojamajo Doremi subforum. Ahh~ those were the days <3. And then we walked back home and watched some Nostalgia Critic videos. The Batman & Robin one had us laughing for a good while. Next week Tsory said she'd be meeting up with her artist!friend, and she'd call me so we could go out again~
Also, I remembered why Tsory-chama and I get along so well: it's not with anybody that you can spend 30 minutes squealing over TaixSora this many years after Digimon Adventure ended (well, her and Vale, but we spent way~ more than half an hour on that one UXD).

On Monday I went to [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha's house, along with Felipe, and we watched Nine... It's pretty bad, but in a "so bad its good" way. And Felipe played Crawling in My Skin on his iPod every time there was an emo moment (which happened far too many times) and we all burst out laughing. Also, Vale made muffins, and they were great! =3 I really missed having little get-outs like these, one of the bad points about summer vacations ^^U. I'd say we need to get together more often, but Felipe is going to Brasil pretty soon, so we probably won't __U.

And last Monday (I know, I keep forgetting to post UXD) I met up with [livejournal.com profile] ripio. We had lunch at Burger King and the went to Portal Lyon, Eurocentro and that somewhat!hidden Chinese mall in the Centre. And we bought some really cute handbags~ Mine is white with some blue and ultramarine colored flowers =D. On our way back to my house we bought some Coke, and a guy scolded us for "drinking Coke so early". We were all "...WTF?!" and laughed all the way back. So, as a public service announcement: Thou shall not drink Coke before 5pm. Be sure to remember that!
And then we spent the rest of the evening watching Korean PVs. It's all part of [livejournal.com profile] ripio's master plan to convert me to Kpop *clings to Jpop*.

And I baked a cake~! On Sunday, when my Mum had to be counting votes for the elections and we were alone with my brother. It ended up really~ well, considering it was the first time I tried to bake one by myself. While I was mixing the ingredients my Grandmother came to visit, and she was all nervous because we have an electric oven, and she didn't know how to use it. I said it was really easy... probably, and she got even worse UXD. I was all "See? This one is for the temperature, this one I don't know, and this one for the time. Once I figure what the middle one does I'm all set! =D"

day 09 → a photo you took (because I don't really want to do all the ones I missed now ._.)
I'm not really good at taking photos. In fact, I think the last one I took was of our Christmas tree last year, and I don't really have it here...
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PROFESSOR LAYTON GAMES ARE LOVEEEE~~~!!!11!1 <333333333333333
I got the first one on Monday, and am currently trying to make my way through the third one Just because of future!Luke, which is in, umm... Japanese. Though I did get the first puzzle was about, so maybe I won't have such a hard time, right? ... Right?
Luke has to be my favourite character ♥ and I hate Flora *shot*. He's just so carefree and true to himself, even if it's a huge headache for Layton sometimes XD.

I finished watching Macross Frontier and the ending sucked. Ranka was adorable 'til the very end, though. Such a shame she did not end up with Alto D=.
Kimi ni Todoke is also a great anime. Sawako is just adorable and too much like me, orz, and the pacing of the series is really nice~ I've still got a lot of episodes to catch on, but it's going perfectly =D

Also, when I went to Parque Arauco this Saturday I bumped into [livejournal.com profile] neko_misha. I was all "*points* I know her!", and my Dad facepalmed hard at that UXDD. It was nice seeing her again, because our outing last Saturday never actually happened __U. Oh well, there's always the rest of the summer~
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So! New Year Resolutions! Ehmm...
01.- I'll try my very best to become a bit more open with people, because they deserve it ♥
02.- I'll study really hard for the PSU so I can get my Japanese classes
03.- I'll keep losing weight!
04.- I'll keep being horribly obsessed with Hetalia
05.- I'll finally cosplay~!
06.- And finally, I'll finish at least one piece of writing (because I've procrastinated on that one for years x.x)

New Year's was really nice~! I spent it with my Mum, brother, grandma and uncle at my grandma's house. You can see all the fireworks in the city from the rooftop there =D. Though they wanted to finish drinking the champagne before going up, so we arrived 15 minutes late *facepalm*. It was really great, because my uncle has the same humor sense as me, and also similar tastes in music. So we spent most of the night laughing at everything and having a great time~

I finished reading Les Misérables! I started reading it two years ago, but never had the chance to finish it.I really hated Marius' attitude towards the end, he seemed to keep focusing on the unimportant things and missed out all the obvious hints until the very end. Way to go, idiot __U. Still, he turned out to be my favourite character, mainly because of his fights with his grandfather.
Now I just have to find out what happened to my copy of The Lost Symbol...

I've just spent the last three hours of my life playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I have fond memories of ignoring my Math teacher to solve the puzzles with my friends XD. The puzzles are really entertaining, but I hate the ones where the wording ruins the answer. I always end up with enormous numbers, just to find out the real answer was something like... zero __U. Still, I want to finish it quickly so I can start on the second one that has the easiest final puzzle ever.
Also, is anyone else having problems with the ROMs for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 or The World Ends With You? I want to play them really badly, but they just don't want to work with my R4 card D=
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That's all for now =D
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So... Umm... This post is full of memes ♥ Why? Because I've forgotten to do them through the year, and if I keep procrastinating them 'till next year I'll completely forget *shot*
I promise a real post when I finish this one =)

Five Questions Meme~ )

Five Icons Meme~ )

2009 Meme )

Finally, 30 Days Meme! )
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Hope you all had a good time this Christmas, and I demand you tell me all about your day =D.

I spent Christmas with my Dad this year. I got many chocolates (nice, because I had already eaten the ones from the End-of-year ceremony ^^U), some books on learning Japanese, peanut butter jelly paid account time, and also Japanese classes when they start on March =D. I'm loving the paid account thing, probably will waste the rest of my vacations making some new icons and a layout, finally, orz.

We didn't really do anything special. We had our Christmas dinner (= my brother and I trying to stop our Dad for giving us any more food UXD) last night, and today I spent the day watching Macross Frontier. Ranka is simply too adorable <3. Just a few hours ago, we went to the cinema to watch Avatar. It's an incredibly nice movie, but it's too long __U. I ended up drawing some sketches for my new story in the middle of it. Anyway, the music was superb, the computer graphics really well done, and even the ending (though expected) wasn't out of place. Just... try not to make it 3 hours long next time? My Dad keeps saying it's much too similar to Pocahontas, which isn't really too false when you think about it...

Also, WTF at Hetalia just getting one new episode per month? I feel so trolled it's not even funny... At least the Christmas special is turning out to be spectacular!

Day 02 ~> Your favorite movie
Hmm... I'd go with Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl who Leapt Through Time). The characters were real and likable, the plot was incredible, the music was nice, it had everything! But for me what makes this movie is the fact that time travel is not shown as a way to fix past errors, but as a way of destroying the future. It taught me that you shouldn't spend your life regretting your past and wishing you could change it, just jump into your future and make the best of it.

Day 03 ~> Your favorite television program
Right now I don't really watch TV. So I'll say Dr.House, because it's the only show I'm actually following for now.


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