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It's 6:41 am right now!
That actually means that I have trouble sleeping again, so I'm up really early *shot* __U It's been happenning a lot lately. It turns out that I can't sleep when it's too hot outside. Seeing as it is summer right now, it is quite a problem DX. And since I've already been up for an hour listening to a rip from Jin's concert, I figured I might as well write something here too :D
(by the way, my favourites were "Magnitude", "Body Talk", "The Fifth Season" and "Yellow Gold" <3)

I finally got to go on vacations two Thursdays ago with my brother and my Dad. We were in San Carlos until Sunday, then went back to Santiago and then came to La Serena on Tuesday. We'll be staying here until next Wednesday, then it's back to Santiago for my driving test and classes~
The thing I said before about it being summer? Seems the weather kinda firgot about it. We've had everything: from cloud days to rain to thunderstorms.We've also been shaking a lot, but that's almost normal by now __U. In fact, I might be a lot little scared now, because we're right next to the sea now x.x
I really love coming to La Serena, though. My Mum lived here for University, so we were taught to love it from a really young age ^^U. Going for walks on the beach is brilliant! There're also some really great open fairs, and I've bought some really c
ute clothes. And most importantly, they've got juice stalls everywhere! La Serena has got the best orange-banana juice I've ever tried! <3
But the thing is... It hasn't been very exciting at all. The thing with my Dad is that he has an aversion to any kind of emotion displays DX Be it speaking loudly or talking animatedly about something, we'll probably get scolded by it. And both my brother are the type of people who likes making running comentaries on anything, don't know if that makes sense UXD. It makes things like our epic bubble battles difficult to have >.>

Maybe I should stop rambling nd try to get some more sleep. But with Dad's snoring I don't think I'll actually make it __U

PS: Typing on the phone is reaally tirying ..U
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