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This was the most amazing day I've ever had ♥
Everything good that could have happened to me happened, and then got better *-*. I was randomly shouting "TODAY MIGHT BE A GOOD DAY! ♥" all day long~ XD

First, today was my last day of driving classes. I was already all happy when I woke up because of this XD. I mean, I did grow to like them, or at least the last three of them were actually fun, but I still consider myself a menace when driving ^^U. Also, my teacher asked me to move my class by 45 minutes, so I actually had time to get lunch before going this time :D. Everything was going normally, and then there was someone ringing our doorbell. What's special about that?


I was happily screaming for half an hour *-*. Poor delivery guy, he must think I'm crazy, getting strange boxes with kanji on them and shouting like an idiot UXD (at least he's right~). The box was crazy! It had a lot of layers, and I spent a lot of time trying to open it ^^U. When I got to the CD it was covered in bubble wrap ♥. I went all "OMG YAMAPI CD AND BUBBLE WRAP~! <3".
You're all getting a track-by-track review tomorrow, just so you know. But this album is amazing~! Yamapi has really grown over the years :D. My favourite tracks are "Crazy You", "Dekiai ROBOT", "Saigo no Love Song", "Tokyo Sinfonietta", "PARTY DON'T STOP" and "Touch You"; and of course the album version of "Hadakanbo" <3. Oh, and I'm completely convinced that Saigo no Love Song was written for Jin. Just saying :P. I'm surprised no one has brought it up...
While I was listening to it, my Mum randomly went to my room and offered me some chocolate. I hadn't eaten it in some time, so I was ecstatic~ We tried some chicken burgers for lunch, and they were delicious! Then I went to driving classes and actually drove flawlessly for once! V(^-^) I even approved! I was really happy about that, maybe there is some hope for me after all! Then I bought a Pepsi and some cookies and went to the Chinese Mall to buy the tickets for AniLive for my brother and I. Then I went to Eurocentro to look at plushies, and I found the Germany one I was missing from my Hetalia collection, so I bought him ^^. My mum and brother weren't home when I got back, so I tried to choose a song for AniLive's karaoke. Didn't have much luck on that one UXD. Also I was really hungry by that time. And when they came back, they brought more Pepsi and some sweet bread and I was all "This day can't get any better *-*".

Now that I think about it, it doesn't really take much to make me happy, does it? UXD. Still, I was amazed! Normally, things don't go the way I want to and I try to fix them. But today everything fell into place so nicely~ It really was a wonderful day :)

And then Bielsa had a press conference and said he wouldn't be Chile's football team's coach anymore ;-;. The whole country loves him, and even those who don't recognize how much better the team became thanks to him. But he said it was mostly the big team's owner's fault, and that's painfully true D:. Surely, there will be some interesting reactions tomorrow.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, I believe this was a flawless day.
Though if there was a sudden announcement, like a NEWS' South America tour or CHI48, I wouldn't be complaining XDD
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