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So, all this University thing is really getting to me right now. It's not even the fact that I'm going. I don't think that'll sink in until tomorrow when I actually go pay for it. The problem lies exactly in the "paying" part of it.

I used to have a half a scholarship at school because of my good grades. Good enough to assume I would be getting good PSU scores, therefore, a scholarship for University. Alas, the results weren't exactly bad, but not good enough to guarantee a scholarship. So now we're paying the whole deal.
Thing is, my Dad wasn't really happy with the idea, so we tried to get a government scholarship. Turns out we've got too much money for them, so that's not an option. But my Dad got really angry, saying we should have said that I was living on my own or with my grandma or something. Even that I should put less money than what is true, even if it said they'd be checking all the information legally. And that I should just let him fill in any other form, because I was just screwing everything up.
I know I'm too innocent for my own good; but still, putting false information in a government page? And then getting mad when I refuse to do so? D: And he was being really pushy about it. I've been on the edge of a nervous breakdown since before the results x.x

Tomorrow: I steal memes :D


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