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Congratulations Spain!. Even though I wanted Netherlands to win and avenge Germany, and both of the teams played horribly (I mean, not even we had that many yellow cards D=), you still deserved to win. Even if my History teacher (who is from Spain) will be making fun of us until Brazil 2014 UXDDD.
GERMANY YOU MADE IT~! <3 That match was WUNDERBAR brilliant~ Much better than the Finals for sure ^^U. I was a bit sorry for Uruguay too. I mean, they were the only South Americans left, but the best team had to win in the end <3
And Paul correctly predicted both matches' results! Way to go, Paul~ Also go listen to the Paul the Octopus song!. Like, right now!

Got another mock PSU test tomorrow __U. At least classes will end at 13:30 *dances*. I've been really fed up with school lately, and I don't even know why D=. I mean, must be because of the stupid PSU thing, but that one won't go away until the real test in December __U.
On Tuesday we had to open a cow's brain. It was the best~!!! =D Half our class was all grossed out, and the rest of us were all "Brain~ =D". And then the lights went out and we ran away to watch the Netherlands-Uruguay match and our Music teacher found out and was really mad UXD. He'll kill us on Thursday...

Hetalia dub = BLOODY BRILLIANT. The dub voices are turning out wonderful~ The Russia-France clip was hilarious, and Japan's Engrish was adorable <3. It turns out my money has been well spent after all n_n.

Also, Erepyon will be graduating from AKB48 ;-;. She's my second favourite member after Yukirin, so I'm really sad to see her go. But she's going to study abroad, so I wish her the very best! =D

11. Character you’d become best friends with

Estonia would be my internet!buddy! *shot*. And Lithuania is such a nice guy, it's impossible not to be good friends with him.

12. Character with your favorite voice/seiyuu

Because listening to Veneciano and then to Ulquiorra makes me love him deeply~ Such a huge contrast between the voices he can make!

13. Character you’d go camping with

Because we'd have an AWESOME TRIP~!!! Also, because there wouldn't be any ghost stories, o we both would be equally freaked out at them UXD.

14. Character you wouldn’t mind being roommates with

Either of them would be as obsessed with order as me, so I think it'd work out XDDD. Also, England and I could have some really interesting conversations about the way English is meant to be spoken =D.

15. Character you’d want to cook for you

Because Italian food is the best~ <3

16. Character you wouldn’t mind prancing naked for you

*coughcough* ... I mean, of course no one!


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