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Stupid Physics test, exercises 2 & 3 were impossible to solve ;-;. And I had only 15 minutes left to solve them >.>. I could, in the end, but I'm nowhere near sure they're actually right...

Tomorrow is the first match of the semifinals for the World Cup~!! *bzzzzzzzzzzz* And we are... not allowed to watch it at school! *cries*. So my class, being the completely reasonable IB class that we are, has decided to all run away from school tomorrow at 1:30pm to watch the match =D (it starts at 2:30pm here), and on Wednesday too for the Germany v/s Spain match UXD. Oh, how do I love thee, class~ <3.
Some people actually wanted to skip classes altogether, but we were all "Hey no, there's a brain dissection in Biology tomorrow D=". We Biology IB kids get to do some really fun stuff, but then we've got to make reports on them __U.

I spent 6 hours at school today drawing one of my OCs with Pokemon!themed clothes. Those were the 6 best hours of my day ^^.

6. Character who would probably be your rival
Again, easy one:

The reasoning behind this is that England is always trying to correct America's everyone's way of speaking English. I live my life doing just this ♥. So, he'd be my grammar-nazi!rival~

7. Character you have most in common with

Again, we both like teaching people how to speak correctly *shot*. We both preffer British English over American English, we both think scones are delicious (because OMGWTFBBQ they're BRILLIANT! *-*), and we both try to behave all proper but have a kinda hidden side in certain situations (for England when he's drunk, for me when I'm at a party~)

8. Character you look like the most
Either of these two:

Green eyes? Check. Long-ish brown hair? Check. Though I look a bit more like Wy right now...

9. Character you’d bring home to your parents

Seriously, they'd love him. He's handsome, he's military!strict, he's German, he's a good leader, can keep things in order and pull out of any situation. He seriously is my Mother's dream guy D=.

10. Character you’d never bring home to your parents

I... don't really think I have to explain this one. YESIKNOWIT'SCHEATINGAGAIN. Also, I LOVE THAT .GIF~!
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